Howard (a.k.a. Chief) Georgi
Faculty Dean (Physics)
Birthday 1947-01-06


Born in San Bernardino, California, I spent my undergraduate years in Eliot House at Harvard concentrating in Chemistry and Physics from 1964 to 67. I went to Yale in 1967 and did a Ph.D. with Charles Sommerfield. I returned to Harvard in 1971 first as a postdoc and two years later as a Junior Fellow in the Society of Fellows. I joined the faculty in 1976 and was promoted to Professor in 1980. I was department chair from 1991-94, and am now a Mallinckrodt Professor of Physics. I was a Senior Fellow in the Society of Fellows from 1982 to 98. I have worked in all aspects of the standard model of particle physics, particularly QCD and grand unified theories (which were first constructed by me and Sheldon Glashow in 1973). Much of my research has been in collaboration with graduate students, over 40 of whom have received Ph.D.s under my direction. Physics research has been good to me. I have been lucky enough to discover some beautiful things about the world of subatomic particles, and received many honors for my work (see the link to my home on Leverett facebook if you are curious). I have written over 250 research articles and three books. And of course at the moment I am very excited about the LHC and the Higgs boson. Recently, much of my teaching has been in courses that are primarily Freshman - like Physics 16. But I love to have Leverites in these courses. In addition to my research and teaching interests, I am active in physics education and in the status of women and minorities in physics. Now that Coach and I are Faculty Deans of Leverett, I try to balance three full-time jobs -- research, teaching and the House. I feel very privileged to have the opportunity to interact with so many wonderful young people. I am the cook for the family, an enthusiastic tennis player, and sing the lowest part I can get in my church choir in Topsfield, MA.