Bilal Malik
Allston-Burr Dean (Educational Anthropology)
Entry Tutor(s)
Birthday 1980-10-02


I am excited to serve as Leverett's Allston Burr Resident Dean. I received my doctorate from Harvard Graduate School of Education in 2014, after 9 (short) years, where my dissertation was titled 'Ethnography of Muslim beliefs, Islamist politics and academic secularity at a Pakistani Sufi madrasa'. I am happy to share my continuing confusions about each of those terms with you. Over the years, I have studied various disciplines (Government, Anthropology, Business, Education) and dabbled in rather different careers (from teaching at my high school to management consulting with McKinsey & Co.) Outside Leverett, I am affiliated with the Department of Anthropology, where I teach a course on the Anthropology of Islam ([Mis]Understanding Islam Today) and one on the Anthropology of Education (Schools in Culture, Culture in Schools). I'm happy to talk to you about anything and everything on your mind. For example, any questions or concerns pertaining to academics, considering some time away from school, petitioning the ad board for anything, questions about anything in the student handbook, or figuring out anything at all to improve your college experience... But most of all, I'm simply excited to get to know you! I live in F-110 with my lovely wife, Rabia; you can also catch me in the house office on the ground floor of F-tower, or in the dining hall. My office hours are posted online: See you around!