Anonymous Feedback

Your response on this form will be sent to me (Brian Farrell) anonymously. It is a modification of a form used by the Bok Center to provide anonymous feedback for courses. The Bok Center form says the following about anonymous feedback:

The Bok Center reminds you that the privilege of anonymity carries with it the responsibility of being courteous and ethical in your use of this form.

I would put this more strongly. Anonymous feedback should be regarded as a last resort. In general, it is much better to contact me, Coach, or the resident dean directly. We can promise you that if you contact us, we will try our best to deal with your problem. I cannot promise that your anonymous feedback will lead to any satisfactory result, because I may not be able to determine enough about the problem to do anything about it. But I recognize that there may be unusual situations in which you feel that an anonymous note is your only option, and I am grateful to the Bok Center for giving me permission to use this software to give you the option.