Month: April 2017
  Week: April 9-15
     Day: April 15

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Latina Appreciation Dinner

Location: Library Theater
Event Name: Latina Appreciation Dinner
For Use By: Latinas Unidas
Reserved by: Ayush Midha
Starting: 6:00 PM on Saturday, April 15, 2017
Duration: 300 minutes
The Latina Appreciation Dinner is a yearly Latinas Unidas tradition. The event highlights the importance of graduating Latina students at Harvard. We celebrate and support these graduating seniors through a banquet, musical performance by Latinx groups, and through speeches. Our event includes a pamphlet of every Latina senior that accepts our invitation. We individually invite every Latina senior, sophomore, freshman, and junior -- in addition to advertising the event to the Harvard community as a whole. We encourage each invitee to bring their friends - Latinx or not - because the purpose of our conference is to honor Latina women's successes and give them a farewell. In addition to having Latina seniors speak, we also invite one female member from each grade to speak about their experiences as a Latina student. Furthermore, we invite all Latina alumni and ask a few notable and successful Latina graduates or professionals to speak at our event. In the past, we have invited Harvard professors, MIT professors, in addition to Boston and NYC professionals. The importance of this event for the Harvard community at large cannot be understated. At Harvard, Latina women's success can be underplayed, unrecognized, and under appreciated. Our event changes this dynamic by making visible specific Latina women's successes. Each speaker helps change the narrative of underachieving Latina women. Through their inspirational stories, strong discourses, and notable success, we help inform the Harvard community that Latina women are successful here too.