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Harvard College Home: A must-have bookmark for any Harvard student who wants to be in the know. At this site, you can check out the most up-to-date course catalogs, the Cue Guide, websites and listings of student organizations, and more.

Passenger Transport Services: Use this web site to find safe transport 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in and around Harvard campus.

Message Me Emergency Notification System: Register your cell phone to receive emergency text messages from Harvard.

FAS Academic Calendar: The Academic Calendar for Harvard College up until the 2009-2010 academic year.

Registrar's Office: The primary center for academic records at Harvard College. Check out this website to find academic calendars, request transcripts, exam locations and schedules, and also see your grade reports.

University Health Services: The primary health provider for Harvard students, located in the Holyoke Center. The UHS also is home to the Stillman Infirmary, the Afterhours/Emergency Care center on the 6th floor of the UHS.

Harvard University Police Department: Harvard's guardian angels - check out their website to find out how to request a detail for an event, enroll in a RAD course, register your laptop or bike, or learn more about how HUPD keeps the campus safe.

Harvard University Dining Services: The web home of the Dining Services. Click "Residential Dining" to find out Dining Hall Hours and Interhouse restrictions, or take a look at the Menu.

FAS Telephone and E-mail Directory: A searchable directory to find contact information for Harvard students, faculty, and affiliates.

Bureau of Study Counsel: A largely under-used resource, the BSC is a great resource for students and others looking for peer tutors for courses; various forms of counseling, consultation and conflict resolution; and also a variety of workshops to help students meet all of the challenges of life at Harvard. Arguably, a much more personal counseling resource than the UHS.

Undergraduate Housing Office: Here, you can find websites to all of the Upperclassmen Houses, information on how to get DeWolfe Summer Housing, information on Interhouse Transfers, and more.

The Harvard Crimson: Harvard University's daily newspaper since 1873.

Writing and Speaking Resources at Harvard