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Hi, I'm Paul Hegarty, the Leverett House Building Manager. By reading the Facilities pages and using the Leverett website, you will learn just about everything you should know during your stay at Leverett.

If you have questions, please visit the The Leverett House FAQ and read carefully. If you still have questions, you can email me or stop by. Remember to give me your room number and a detailed description of your problem as well. We try to resolve problems quickly and efficiently so the more precise information, the better for you and me. The staff you will most see around Leverett is Jean, Mauro, Oscar and Eber. They are here each day and work hard trying to keep Leverett clean. You should get to know them since Leverett is your House for the near future, and they take care of you. Enjoy your time here and don't cause trouble.

Pay close attention to the condition of your suite when you move in. Each year, people ask me why they get termbilled. It's probably because they put tacks in the wall, left the room a mess, painted their walls, etc. Please visit the General Rules to Follow to avoid being termbilled later.

Is there something broken? For NON emergency requests only! All NON emergency requests should be submitted online with great details. Submit a repair request here

Real emergencies can be reported to the control center at 617-495-5560 Best,


The Building Manager's Office is located under the Leverett Library. Call (617-49)5-2277, or email


  • Building Manager: 8AM - 4:00PM Monday-Friday
  • Security Guard: 4PM - 8:00AM (Sun-Sat)