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Hello from your economics tutors. If you have any suggestions for how this page can be more helpful, please let us know!

Interested in business, finance, consulting, or other economics related careers? You should also check out Leverett's Pre-Career program for more useful information and contacts!


Important Announcements

Secondary Field:
Key points:
Required courses: Ec 10 (or exemption), one of 1010/1 a or b, and three more classes from Ec. One of statistics 100, 104, or 110 can also count.
All classes must be taken for a letter grade.

Common Questions

Q: I think Ec 10 will be too easy. Can I skip it and go straight to 1010 or 1011?
A: If you have a 5 on both the microeconomics and macroeconomics portions of the AP test or a score of 7 on the Higher Level examination toward the International Baccalaureate, you do not need permission to skip Social Analysis 10. HOWEVER, you must take two additional half courses to meet the economics department credit requirement. If you have a 5 on AP micro only, you can skip the first semester of Ec10 and need to take only the second semester and an additional half course. If you have a 5 on macro only, you can skip the second semester and take an additional half course.
If you do not have any of these credentials, but believe you have a good grasp of the material, you may talk to the section leader and take a placement test on the first day of classes.

Q: Can I take an economics class pass/fail?
A: As a concentrator, you can take up to 2 half courses pass/fail, excluding Ec 10, Ec 970, Stat 100 (or equivalent), Ec 1010, Ec 1011, econometrics, Ec 975, or any of the Ec 980s or Ec985s, which must be taken for a letter grade. Writing and prerequisite courses may be taken pass/fail with the professor’s permission.
If economics is your secondary field, you may not count any pass/fail classes towards the requirements.

Q: I want to get involved in doing research. How do I start?
A: Talk to your professors! If you enjoyed a particular class, e-mail the professor or go to their office hours to talk about your interest and ask if they have any projects you could help with. Look up faculty on the website and see who is doing work similar to your own interests, and talk to them as well. Faculty chose academia because they enjoy the research process, and love talking about their work. Most would be delighted to find a student who wanted to work and learn about their research. Don't limit yourself to Harvard, or to economics. Faculty at HBS, the Kennedy School, MIT, and many other departments are doing economics research. If you're still nervous, ask tutors if they have any suggestions for faculty to work with, or consider starting to work with graduate students who may be looking for RAs.


The Leverett economics department adviser is non-resident tutor Crystal Yang. However, you can contact any official economics adviser in Littauer 111, 10am-4pm, M-F, for study card signing, add-drop forms, and anything else you need from the department. Crystal also holds office hours weekly in Littauer, to be announced.

For general advice on courses, internships, and careers, you can contact any of the Leverett resident or non-resident tutors at ANY time, via e-mail or in the dining hall. We love to chat, so please don't be shy!


Harvard's undergraduate economics program

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