Emergency Phone Numbers and Information

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Sick? Locked out? Missed your exam? Found Gus's missing frisbee? Here are the people to call or e-mail:

  • Health Emergencies: UHS Urgent Care - 617-495-5711, at the Smith Campus Center
    • Life-Threatening - 9-911 from campus or 911 from off-campus phone, at the Smith Campus Center
    • UHS Mental Health Services - See website for locations and contact information.
  • Safety Emergencies: HUPD Emergency - 5-1212, Non-Emergency - 5-1215
  • Leverett emergency cell-phone number: 617-429-3311. Use this to reach the Resident Dean or the Tutor-On-Call in an emergency (including academic emergencies like missing an exam.
  • Facility/Maintenance Issues:
    • Non-emergency: The Superintendent's Office, Paul Hegarty - 5-2277
    • Emergency: Control Center - 5-5560 - use this number to report severe maintenance issues (leaks, extreme heating problems, etc.) when the superintendent cannot be reached.
  • Computer Help: Leverett User Assistants - E-mail the Leverett UA Help Desk (leverett-help@fas) for an appointment.
  • Rooming Issues: The House Office, JoAnn DiSalvo Haas - 5-2278, FAX 6-1900. The House Office is open weekdays from 9AM-5PM and at other times by appointment.
  • Academic Issues: The Resident Dean's Office, - 5-2279