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'''Taping posters in Leverett?''' '''Taping posters in Leverett?'''
-Any Harvard University publication may ONLY BE PLACED ON THE BULLETIN BOARDS LISTED BELOW. Placing publications in other locations puts an undue burden on house staff and has the potential to ruin doors and walls through the use of bad adhesives. We appreciate your cooperation in abiding by these rules -- the less money we spend each year re-painting over bad adhesive jobs, the more money we have to use elsewhere for Leverett facilities.+Any Harvard University publication may ONLY BE PLACED ON THE BULLETIN BOARDS LISTED BELOW. Any posters placed elsewhere will be taken down by house staff. Placing publications in other locations puts an undue burden on house staff and has the potential to ruin doors and walls through the use of bad adhesives. We appreciate your cooperation in abiding by these rules -- the less money we spend each year re-painting over bad adhesive jobs, the more money we have to use elsewhere for Leverett facilities.
''McKinlock:'' ''McKinlock:''

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Here are some general security tips, and a list of general do's and don'ts.

  • Do not prop open or leave your suite door unlocked.
  • If you live on the first floor, lock your windows (also close storm windows) when you leave.
  • Do not copy or lend your keys to anyone.
  • Do not allow anyone access to the House unless you know him/her or he/she can show a Harvard identification card.
  • Centrex phones are located at the main entrance of McKinlock Hall, the Library/Building Manager's building, outside the Dining Hall and both Tower lobbies.
  • Report all faulty locks and burned out lights to the Building Manager's Office.
  • Report any suspicious looking or acting persons immediately to the University Police at 495-1212.
  • Do not leave your keys unattended (particularly when accompanied by an identification card) as this creates a safety threat to you and your roommates.

Headline text

Locked Out

a. EVERY NIGHT from 4 pm through 8 am, Security Guards handle lockouts. Students should go to the following locations if they are locked out during these hours:

i. Towers & McKinlock - Security Guard in the Leverett Library building

ii. 20 Dewolfe - Security Guard at 10 Dewolfe on the ground floor

If the guards are not there, it means that they are doing rounds. Students should wait for ten minutes to see if the guard returns. If they haven’t returned within 10 minutes, the student can call the Alpha Guard Station in Weld Hall at 617-496-9370, who will radio the guard to return to their post.

b. For WEEKDAYS, Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4 pm – If a student is locked out, they should contact Paul Hegarty at the Building Manager’s Office who will be able to help. Paul can be reached at or 617-495-2277.

c. For WEEKENDS (Saturday/Sunday or holidays) from 8 am until 4 pm – Students should call 617-429-3311 to reach the tutor-on-call. The tutor-on-call will handle lockouts following the normal on-call process.

FOR DEWOLFE ONLY, if the guard or you are not available, the student should contact Harvard University Housing (HUH) at 617-495-8340 to be allowed back into their apartment. If HUH has to respond, they will need to show Harvard ID and they will be termbilled $100.

Lost Keys and Replacements

Students must request replacement keys from the Building Manager if they report their key lost. Keys lost during the term cost $5 to replace, $15 at the end of the term.

Stuff in Your Suite

Room Temperature, Air Conditioners and Space Heaters

The use of space heaters is strongly discouraged because they are fire hazards and are an inefficient use of energy. Ideally, they should not be necessary; if your room is overheated or cold, bring it to the attention of the Building Manager so that the necessary alterations can be made. After hours help with room temperature control should be directed to the Control Center at 495-5560.

Air conditioners are allowed only with the written recommendation of a physician and approval by the Accessible Education Office.


Red phones are provided in each suite for emergency purposes and incoming calls only. To learn how to set up additional phone service contact Student Telecom. Please note that if you do obtain service, the phone must be plugged into the common room telephone jack. As soon as you obtain service through Paetec you will be able to receive phone calls, make local (both inside and outside of Harvard) and long distance calls.

New wiring and jacks (two outlets, 1 voice and 1 data) have been installed. Telephone service can be shared in the common room, or ordered for an individual's bedroom. Jack numbers are needed on your order to ensure the correct service location.

If you have questions you should visit [] or contact PaeTec Customer Service at 800-960-6555.


All suites in McKinlock Hall have operable fireplaces. However, it is current Harvard College policy that these fireplaces cannot be used for liability reasons. All student fireplaces have been blocked off, please do not tamper with them.

Cooking Appliances

City of Cambridge ordinances and Harvard College regulations forbid cooking in any room or apartment not equipped with permanent cooking facilities. Cooking equipment (toaster ovens, hot plates, microwaves, electric coffee makers, tea kettles, etc.) is prohibited in such places. Please don't bring them. If found, the Resident Dean will be notified and you will face disciplinary action. We can't let you keep them. Use the student kitchen in the rabbit hole in Mckinlock Hall instead.


Students may keep a refrigerator in their room for personal use if the unit meets the following specifications:

  1. Size - dimensions not to exceed 36" high x 24" wide x 24" deep.
  2. Weight - 85 pounds or less.
  3. Defrosting - if there is a freezer, try to obtain an automatic defrosting mechanism.
  4. Refrigerators must be thoroughly cleaned before storing for the summer.

Room Damage and Suite Inspections

At the beginning of the term, you should inspect your suite and note the actual condition of the room. It is your responsibility to email the Building Manager ( by registration if you notice any damage as you will be responsible for all subsequent damage assessments.

Suites will be inspected periodically during the year and at the end of the academic year. The purpose for inspections is to make sure all rooms comply with safety regulations, to check for needed repairs and that the guidelines noted in this booklet are followed. Inspections during the academic year will be conducted with proper notice if at all possible. Students who violate the facility policy are subject to fines and disciplinary action.

Under no circumstances is anyone allowed to paint their room even if they wish to re-paint it at the end of their occupancy. Students will be term billed the cost of a profession painting contracting company in order to remedy the damages. Thank you for your cooperation with these policies.

Pest Problems

If you find cockroaches, ants, or other insects in your suite, the first thing to do is find the source that is attracting them. Make sure that absolutely all perishables are in sealed containers, that there are no spills or crumbs on the floor or empty unwashed beverage bottles. Return all dishes to the Dining Hall. If the problem persists, report it to the Building Manager.

  • Saw a pest? Submit a report here to pest control services.


Hand darts and dartboards are not allowed. If found, they will be removed. Students will be charged for the actual cost to repair and paint walls and doors damaged from darts. Also, if you have darts, you increase the chance of inadvertently hitting someone in the eye and that is not good.


Students may not keep any mammal, bird, amphibian, or reptile in Leverett House. Try a pet rock.

Altering Your Room

Approved Furnishings

See the relevant section of FAS Handbook.

Decorating your Suite

Please make yourself familiar with the following guidelines:

  • No nails, tacks, picture hooks, or other objects that create holes in a surface may be used on walls, doors, moldings, ceilings, or floors.
  • No masking tape, scotch tape, two sided tape, glue-backed corkboards or other adhesives may be used.
  • Only College-provided poster gum ("HOLD IT") or molding hooks and picture wire may be used in these rooms. These supplies are available in the Building Manager's office.

The cost to you of filling in nail or tack holes, sanding and spray-painting one wall will be a minimum of $100 and could be more than $200. These rules will be strictly enforced.

Painting of Your Suite

Residents will not be permitted to paint their rooms or suites. If there is a section of a suite that is in particularly bad condition, the Building Manager may arrange to have it painted at his discretion. Please note that any change to the fabric of a suite or apartment will be considered damage and subject to charge.

Screens, Storm Windows, Shades and Doors

Do not remove any screens or storm windows, shades or doors, as they are easily lost or broken. Report any problem to the Building Manager. A charge for repair or replacement that can be attributed to neglect or student damage will be placed on your term bill.

Partitions and Lofts

Partitions and lofts are not allowed unless they follow the FAS physical resources partition and loft policy guidelines. There are strict guidelines for putting up partitions, as they could otherwise be a fire hazard or cause permanent damage to the structure of the room. The installation of any temporary room partition which is not in accordance with these regulations and which has not been specifically authorized by the Building Manager is strictly prohibited.

All partitions and lofts must be removed before the suite is vacated and materials properly disposed of in proper trash holding areas. Students violating this policy are subject to disciplinary action and fines.

Bed Boards and Guard Rails

Students who wish to borrow bedboards or bunk bed guard rails may do so through the Building Manager. There is a $50 charge for bed boards and/or guard rails not returned to the Building Manager's office at the end of the academic year.

Do-It-Yourself maintenance

The College must insist that all maintenance be handled through the Building Manager's office. Even well-meaning do-it-yourself maintenance can cause serious damage and liabilities. For example, using over the counter caustic drain cleaners to open clogged drains can damage pipes and be a threat to the safety of maintenance personnel.

Outside Your Door

Entry and Suite Doors

Entry doors are not to be propped open at any time, especially during student move in and move out. Doing so constitutes a breach of security. The majority of thefts each year occur in suites where the door to the Entry has been left unsecured. Stairway doors must also be kept locked and may not be propped open for parties.

Emergency Exit Doors

Emergency exit doors between adjoining suites may be opened by special arrangement with the House Building Manager, and only with the written permission of all occupants of both suites. Remember, using the doors as exits without permission from the Building Manager is a security and safety violation and subject to disciplinary action.

Keep all fire egress doors, corridors, and passageways clear of furniture, baggage, bicycles and other obstructions. State law requires that these passages be kept clear.

Bathroom Cleaning

Common bathrooms are cleaned Monday through Friday between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Private bathrooms in McKinlock are normally cleaned once every other week by Dorm Crew. If your bathroom is not cleaned at this interval or to your satisfaction, please contact Dorm Crew at (617-49)5-5569 or @ F and G Towers are cleaned by Dorm Crew as well. Persistent problems should be reported to the Building Manager.

Trash Procedures

There is no door-to-door pickup of trash at Leverett House. Tower residents should take trash to the ground floor and dispose of it in the gray bins located outside the building. McKinlock residents should place trash and recylables in the room LL12 in the lower level next to the bathroom room and by the Rabbit Hole Please see the Building Manager if you have any questions.

Recycling at Leverett

Leverett House's recycling program depends entirely upon your cooperation. Please do not put trash in recycling receptacles, and pay attention to the specifications throughout the house. Remember: have respect for those who process your recyclables. Your carelessness will create more work for them. Please pay attention to posted specifications and sort your materials accordingly. In compliance with the College-wide recycling program, Leverett House residents are able to recycle the following materials:

  • Newspaper, white paper, corrugated cardboard, magazines and colored paper. The recycling containers are located in the McKinlock and Tower Courtyards. Cardboard boxes must be broken down and either placed in an intact box or paper bag, or tied with twine. No paper plates, cups, napkins or pizza boxes. Please do not leave paper at bottle and can recycling stations. In some cases, space does not allow them to be situated together and your paper will be returned to your suite for proper recycling. No paper plates, cups, paperboard (cereal) boxes, pizza boxes, napkins or tissues, please.
  • Containers. Clear glass, colored glass, metals (aluminum, steel and tin), and plastics #1 and #2 (check bottom of container for number) are acceptable. Recycling should be deposited in the marked containers located outside the rabbit hole in the trash room located next to the handicapped bathroom, and in the courtyard outside F and G towers. Please empty all containers and remove caps and lids.

More information is available from the Harvard Solid Wastes and Recycling page.

Laundry Facilities

Washers and dryers for House members' use are located in the basements of McKinlock (at the end of rabbit hole) and F and G Towers. Laundry facilities are available 24 hours a day. Use Laundry View to check the availability of washer and dryers and follow the directions below to find your laundry room:

1. Click on River East

2. Choose F Tower, G Tower, or McKinlock

3. A picture of the laundry room will appear. Look at the legend below the picture to determine which machines can be used.

Problems: Machine malfunctions may be reported to the Building Manager's office or directly to the vendor whose phone number is posted in the laundry rooms.

Machine malfunctions may be resolved by reporting the machine number and problem online, or by emailing the Building Manager.

You can report a problem with the Crimson Cash swipe in a laundry room online, or call 617 496-0329 (8am-5pm M-F). For persistent problems, e-mail me.

Cleaning Supplies

Toilet paper and trash can liners are available at the Building Manager's office. Equipment such as vacuum cleaners, brooms, dustpans, mops and buckets may be borrowed from the Building Manager's office. No equipment will be lent out unless your identification card is left in its place.

Outside Your Building

Term-Time Storage

There is no term-time storage. You must keep everything you bring in your suite. Items (including bicycles) left in hallways, stairways, and basements will be removed at the student's expense.

Bicycle Racks

Bicycle racks for residents of McKinlock are available outside the dining hall on Memorial Drive. Bicycle racks for residents of the Towers are located in the courtyard. There are also bicycle racks located under the Leverett Library. Bicycles may not be locked to any of the stairwells, gates, posts or handicapped ramps. If this occurs, the locks will be cut and the bikes left unlocked or be removed. Please note that bicycles may not be left over the summer. Be courteous, use the bicycle racks provided.

You are urged to register your bike with the University Police Department. The registration sticker on your bicycle will ward off many prospective thieves; it will also greatly improve the chances of locating and identifying your bicycle should it be stolen.

Postering (Distribution of Printed Materials)

Distribution of printed matter in the Houses, dormitories, Annenberg Hall, or on Harvard property must be approved by the Dean of Students Office. The Faculty Deans and the First-Year Experience Office have the right to regulate the time, place, and manner of distribution in their areas. In each of the above cases, permission to distribute printed matter may be granted upon application to the Dean of Students Office.

Taping posters in Leverett?

Any Harvard University publication may ONLY BE PLACED ON THE BULLETIN BOARDS LISTED BELOW. Any posters placed elsewhere will be taken down by house staff. Placing publications in other locations puts an undue burden on house staff and has the potential to ruin doors and walls through the use of bad adhesives. We appreciate your cooperation in abiding by these rules -- the less money we spend each year re-painting over bad adhesive jobs, the more money we have to use elsewhere for Leverett facilities.

McKinlock: There are bulletin boards outside the dining hall, in C entry, and in the basement next to the elevator closest to the Library Theatre.

F and G Towers: Bulletin boards are located directly outside the elevators on every floor of the towers, including floors without elevator access and the ground level lobby.

Library: The library bulletin board is located above the water fountains, directly next to the stairs leading up to the library.