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Some of you may also be amused to learn more about the painting in the dining hall. This was commissioned by the previous Master and his wife in 1990. The artist, Jerald Webster, set up three large canvases in the Old Library and produced three paintings. The House then chose the one that now hangs in the dining over the other two. The painting is called Coltrane because when he painted it, Webster was listening to a John Coltrane orgy on WHRB. An amusing story about the painting is that during my first year as Master, a group of miscreants (actually tutors and HOCO members) snuck into the dining hall late at night and turned the painting upside down. They produced a photographic record of their crime, which exists in Chief's photos as The Turning of Coltrane. The crime was not discovered for several months until the previous Co-Master (who owns an art gallery) came into the dining hall. My favorite thing about the photos is the large arrow on the back of the painting that indicates which way is up.