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These are some of the numerous academic forms available at the House Office. Stop by and pick one up at any time.

Remember, the Resident Dean should sign the form AFTER all of the other signatures have been collected.

Forms Available in the House Office

• Petition For Dividing a Full Course with Credit at Midyear (Due by 5th Monday of the Spring Term)

• Petition to Suspend the First Half of an Indivisible Full Year Course or to Combine Two Halves of a Full Course Taken Separately (Due by 7th Monday of Appropriate Term)

• Petition to Change the Spring Term Grading Status of a Full Course in Which Student is Enrolled for Entire Year (Due by 5th Monday of Spring Term)

Forms Available On-Line

Guidelines for Independent Study

Letter Waiver Form

Change to General Education Form

Bracketing Form

Foreign Language Citation Study Plan

Advanced Standing Activation Form

Forms Available through

Cross Registration for courses at MIT

Petition to Change Grading Status to or from Pass-Fail (Due by 5th Monday)

Petition to Change Course Enrollment: Add, Drop, or Withdraw (Due by 5th Monday for Add/Drop and 7th Monday for Withdraw)

Change of Concentration

Plan of Study Form