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Special Events in the Library Theater


Historically the primary use of the Library Theater (or LT) has been as a small theater space for plays and other performances. Such performances enrich the life of the House, and we encourage them to continue. If you would like to use the LT for rehearsals or for a performance, please get in touch with the Reservations Coordinator Amie Vallerie.


The LT may be reserved by any Leverite for meetings or events, up to one week in advance, between the hours of 11 a.m. and 11 p.m. on weekdays (11-5 on Fridays). Use of the space for ticketed performances or for rehearsals that will require reservations for large blocks of time are subject to special rules Please note that the maximum capacity for the Library Theater is 40 people. Library Theater events may not last longer than 3 hours, for events lasting longer please contact Amie Vallerie for special approval.

  • Such reservations must be made through Amie Vallerie and, in the case of performances, will require a contract outlining your group's plans for safety and crowd control.
  • This generally requires a modest rental fee (for maintenance, cleaning, etc.). In certain instances involving free performances, this fee may be waived at the Faculty Dean's discretion.
  • For parties and events, see the House policy and guidelines here [1].


No events are permitted past 11:00pm.


For further information, please contact Amie Vallerie.