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Hi, I'm Paul, Building Manager for Leverett. Read the following carefully since issues such as building maintenance and lockouts are handled by the Harvard University Housing (HUH), not me. Please be careful with your keys.

For maintenance issues such as plumbing, carpentry repairs, broken glass, locks, door problems, etc. email or call (617) 495-8340.

If you still have questions, you can email me or stop by. Mostly I help with housing, furniture issues, and lamps. However, HUH and I work closely together to resolve problems. Remember to give me your room number and description of your problem as well. We try to resolve problems quickly and efficiently so the more information, the better for you and me. Enjoy your time here.




Phone: (617-49)5-2277

Building Manager's Office Hours: Building Manager = 8AM-4:30PM, Security Guard = 5PM-12:45AM (Mon-Fri); Security Guard = 5pm-7AM (Weekends)



  1. I have maintenance issues. Who do I contact? Email or call (617) 495-8340. The type of calls that HUH will be handling is general maintenance, which includes: heat calls, malfunctioning appliances, tripped power, clogs/plumbing issues, windows/blinds/screens, carpentry, elevators, and pest control. FAS only handles calls about wifi or furniture issues.
  2. My network connection isn't working. Can I get it fixed? Call or visit the HUIT help desk to start a work order.
  3. How do I deal with pest problems? If you find cockroaches, ants, or other insects in your suite, the first thing to do is find the source that is attracting them. Make sure that absolutely all perishables are in sealed containers, that there are no spills or crumbs on the floor or empty unwashed beverage bottles. Return all dishes to the Dining Hall. If the problem persists, report it to the HUH building manager at 5-8340.
  4. What are the regulations for the kitchen? Students are supplied with a stove, refrigerator and dishwasher in each of the units. All appliances must be thoroughly cleaned before vacating for the summer. Please report any damaged appliances and/or cabinets to HUH at 5-8340.
  5. What are the rules for partitions and lofts? Partitions and lofts are not allowed unless they follow the FAS physical resources partition and loft policy. There are strict guidelines for putting up partitions, as they could otherwise be a safety, fire hazard, or cause permanent damage to the structure of the room. The installation of any temporary room partition which is not in accordance with these regulations and which has not been specifically authorized by the Building Manager is strictly prohibited. All partitions and lofts must be removed before the suite is vacated and materials properly disposed of in proper trash holding areas. Students violating this policy are subject to disciplinary action and fines. Students will be charged for any damages to the walls and ceilings, as well as the painting cost associated with returning the unit back to original state.
  6. Do you have any advice for Do-It-Yourself maintenance? The College must insist that all maintenance be handled through the Building Manager's office. Even well-meaning do-it-yourself maintenance can cause serious damage and liabilities. For example, using over the counter caustic drain cleaners to open clogged drains can damage pipes and be a threat to the safety of maintenance personnel.

Security and Lockouts

  1. I'm locked out! How can I get back into my room? I do not have the keys to DeWolfe. If you get locked out of your suite during Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm, the Leverett Building Managers office handles lockouts. From 4pm to 8am, contact the security guard. If the guard is not available, or if it is Saturday and Sunday from 8am to 4pm, contact Harvard Operations Center at (617) 495-5560 to be allowed back into your apartment. If HUH has to respond, you’ll need to show Harvard ID and you will be termbilled $100.
  2. Help! I lost my key! How can I get a replacement? Students must request replacement keys from Harvard University Housing (HUH) office at 8 Mt. Auburn St. You will be charged $25 for a replacement key. Failure to return keys upon move out will result in a $25 charge to your term bill. Do not prop open or leave your suite door unlocked.
  3. Where’s the Security Guard? There is a DeWolfe security officer on-duty, with an office on the first floor of 10 DeWolfe, during the following hours:
    • Sunday – Saturday, 4:00 p.m. – 8:00 a.m.
    The security officer can check-out vacuums to students, completes “rounds” in both buildings, assists students with lock-outs (for free), and responds to safety and security related issues.


  1. Where can I do laundry? There are washers and dryers located on the first floor of each building.
  2. The laundry machine is broken. How can I get it fixed? Any broken laundry machines should be reported to the HUH at 5-8340.
  3. There's a problem with the crimson cash swipe in the laundry room. What do I do? To report a problem with the crimson cash swipe in a laundry room, visit or call 496-0329 ( 8am-5pm M-F).


  1. Do you have any security tips?
    • Do not prop open or leave your suite door unlocked.
    • Familiarize yourself with your room evacuation plan provided by HUH.
    • If you live on the first floor, lock your windows (also close storm windows) when you leave.
    • Do not copy or lend your keys to anyone.
    • Do not allow anyone access to the House unless you know him/her or he/she can show a Harvard identification card. Centrex phones are located near the entrances of both DeWolfe buildings, at the main entrance of McKinlock Hall, the Library/Building Manager's building, outside the Dining Hall and both Tower lobbies.
    • Report all faulty locks and burned out lights to me by email.
    • Report any suspicious looking or acting persons immediately to the University Police at 495-1212.
    • Do not leave your keys unattended (particularly when accompanied by an identification card) as this creates a safety threat to you and your roommates.
  2. Help! What do I do in case of a real building-related emergency? In a real emergency, call HUPD at 5-1212. Building-related emergencies (floods, black-outs, etc.) should be reported to 617-495-8340. If the Building Manager's office is unattended, call the University Control Center directly at 495-5560. All maintenance related emergency requests will be responded to immediately, twenty four hours a day seven days a week by calling 617-495-8340.
  3. What's the policy for propping open entry and suite doors? Entry doors are not to be propped open at any time. Doing so constitutes a breach of security. The majority of thefts each year occur in suites where the door to the entry has been left unsecured.
  4. What can I do about fire safety? Please read all fire safety information that is given to you during the orientation conducted in your Entryway. Familiarize yourself with the locations of emergency exits and fire extinguishers. Evacuation procedures are posted on the inside of each suite door. Tampering with fire extinguishers (including breaking the seal on the handle) is viewed by the College as a disregard for the safety of fellow occupants. Individuals deemed responsible for tampering with or altering emergency equipment will be charged for service and repairs and will face disciplinary action.


  1. Where can I store my bike? Bicycle storage rooms are located at both 10/20 DeWolfe Street. In order to obtain a key to one of these rooms you must go to the office at 8 Mt. Auburn Street. There are always bike racks to lock your bike on near DeWolfe, Quincy House, and Leverett House.
  2. How do I register my bike with HUPD? You are urged to register your bike with the University Police Department at or at HUPD headquarters at 1033 Massachusetts Avenue. The registration sticker on your bicycle will ward off many prospective thieves, it will give you a way of proving that you own the bike (should you, for example, lose the key to your lock and need to get it removed), and it will also greatly improve the chances of locating and identifying your bicycle should it be stolen.

Temperature Control

  1. What's the policy for space heaters? HUH policy prohibits the use of space heaters in DeWolfe.
  2. What can I do about recycling? DeWolfe Street's recycling program depends entirely upon your cooperation. Please do not put trash in recycling receptacles, and pay attention to the specifications throughout the house. Remember: have respect for those who process your recyclable. Your carelessness will create more work for them. In compliance with the College-wide recycling program, residents are able to recycle the following materials:
    • Newspaper, white paper, corrugated cardboard, magazines and colored paper. Can be recycled together and should be deposited in the paper recycling receptacle. All boxes must be flattened and either placed in an intact corrugated cardboard box and left next to the recycling receptacle or placed in a paper bag. Please pay attention to posted specifications and sort your materials accordingly. No paper plates, cups, napkins, tissues, pizza boxes, or cereal boxes (or other non-corrugated cardboard), please.
    • Containers. Clear glass, colored glass, metals (aluminum, steel and tin), and plastics #1 and #2 (check bottom of container for number) are acceptable. Please empty all containers and remove caps and lids. We cannot accept containers with food remains, liquids or other materials in them.
    • Recycling receptacles are located in the laundry rooms of both buildings. While it is tempting to throw even recyclable materials down the trash chutes, it is important that you sort them from your trash and bring them to the recycling station. Your recyclable will be thrown away if you put them in the trash room.
  3. More information is available from the Harvard Solid Wastes and Recycling page.
  4. What do I do about trash? There is a trash room in each building. Trash chutes are located on each floor. Do not shove large objects, furniture, or cardboard in the chutes.
  5. Where can I get toilet paper, trash can liners and cleaning supplies? Brooms, dustpans, mops, buckets, and vacuums are available at the 10 DeWolfe Street office (on the 1st floor). Office hours are posted on the door. These items may not be borrowed unless an Student I.D. is left in exchange. Additional cleaning equipment may be checked out at your affiliated House with proper identification. Also available from your respective House are toilet paper and trash bags.

Bathroom Cleaning

  1. The bathroom is really dirty. How can I get it cleaned? Bathrooms will be cleaned by Dorm Crew once every other week. If your bathroom is not cleaned at this interval, email me. Here are the expectations of Dorm Crew. If they do not live up to their expectations, email me.


  1. How do I get mail? You will be assigned a personal mailbox in your affiliate House. Please go there at your earliest convenience to guarantee prompt mail delivery. This will include US mail, all packages, express mail and inter House mail. Ordinarily, mail will not be delivered to DeWolfe Street and will not be accepted by the HUH building manager. Mail box keys are to be issued by the HUH office to visiting undergraduate scholars only.
  2. How do I get packages? All packages must be sent to your affiliate House, not to the DeWolfe Street apartments.

Due to the overwhelming number of packages received at the beginning of the school year and the lack of space to safely store packages, the Building Manager must insist that students pick up their packages immediately. The University Students are reminded that all personal property sent to or brought onto University premises, including any mail or parcels, are at the sole risk of the owner. The University assumes no responsibility and shall not be liable for articles that are lost, stolen, or left behind.

  1. How do I change my mail address/forward mail for the summer? Prior to moving out for the summer:
    • Change your address with all correspondents; credit card companies, magazines, friends and family.
    • Fill out a mail forwarding card. These cards will be placed in your mailbox in May. You can also change your address by visiting
    • DO NOT fill out the U.S. Post Office form #3575 to forward mail.
  2. Someone is eating my mail! What should I do? Email your house Building Manager.


There is no storage in DeWolfe. Please refer to your individual house storage policy.

Pets and PESTS!

  1. Can I keep a pet? Students may NOT keep any mammal, bird, or reptile in DeWolfe. A pet rock is okay. If you see mice, roaches or other unwanted pests, then you should email HUH Mt Auburn group <>


  1. Where can I find out about approved furnishings for my room? Check out the FAS Student handbook for detailed information. ALL furniture that was in the room in the beginning of year must be there at the end. You may not take furniture home. There is no storage in DeWolfe so all furniture provided in the suite must stay in the suite.
  1. Can I use a dartboard? NO! NO! NO! Hand darts and dartboards are not allowed and will be removed if found. Students will be charged for the actual cost to repair and paint walls and doors damaged from darts.
  1. What can I do about screens, storm windows, shades and doors? Do not remove any screens or storm windows, shades or doors, as they are easily lost or broken. Report any problem by e-mailing me. A charge for repair or replacement that can be attributed to neglect or student damage will be placed on your term bill.
  1. How can I get a bed board? Students who wish to borrow bedboards may do so through the Building Manager. There is a $50 charge for bed boards not returned to the Building Manager's office at the end of the academic year.

Suite Inspections

Suites will be inspected periodically during the year and at the end of the academic year. The purpose for inspections is to make sure all rooms comply with safety regulations, to check for needed repairs and that the guidelines noted in this booklet are followed. Inspections during the academic year will be conducted with proper notice if at all possible. Students who violate the facility policy are subject to fines and disciplinary action. Your Resident Dean will be notified of all infractions.

Suite Decoration

  1. What are the rules for suite decoration? Please make yourself familiar with the following guidelines:
    • Do NOT use nails in the walls!
    • No nails, tacks, picture hooks, or other objects that create holes in a surface may be used on walls, doors, moldings, ceilings, or floors.
    • No masking tape, scotch tape, two sided tape, glue-backed corkboards or other adhesives may be used.
    • Only College-provided poster gum ("HOLD IT") or molding hooks and picture wire may be used in these rooms. These supplies are available in the Building Manager's office.
    The cost to you of filling in nail or tack holes, sanding and painting one wall will be a minimum of $100 and will likely be more than $200. These rules will be strictly enforced.
  2. Can I paint my room? Absolutely NOT!! Residents will NOT be permitted to paint their rooms or suites. If there is a section of a suite that is in particularly bad condition, the Building Manager may arrange to have it painted at his discretion. Please note that any change to the fabric of a suite or apartment will be considered damage and subject to charge.
  3. Who is responsible for the condition of our suite? At the beginning of the term, you should inspect your suite and note the actual condition of the room. It is your responsibility to email the Building Manager by registration if you notice any damage as you will be responsible for all subsequent damage assessments.

Putting up posters

Posters are to be hung with poster gum only -- otherwise, you may damage the walls. This would result in a term bill, as house staff would have to re-paint the wall.



Contact Comcast at 617-674-0669 – Leona Swanson to arrange for service. Residents are responsible for paying installation charges and monthly fees. Tenants must be present to let technicians into the apartment and are responsible for paying installation charges and monthly fees. Satellite television dishes, aerials, or antennas may not be installed without prior written consent from HUH. If permitted, installation and removal must meet all requirements outlined on the required Satellite Dish and Antenna Lease Addendum. Please contact your Property Management Office for further information.

In order for the technician to turn the TV on, he needs to get into the closet outside your room. Please remind the cable company that in order to get that key, the technician must check in to Harvard University Housing (HUH) at 8 Mt. Auburn Street. Please have him return the key when he is finished installation. Often technicians will come and are unable to access this closet, so they cannot install your cable.