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Hi, I'm Paul, Building Manager for Leverett and DeWolfe. Read the following carefully since issues such as building maintenance and lockouts are handled by the Harvard Real Estate Services (HRES), not me. If you still have questions, you can email me or stop by. Remember to give me your room number and description of your problem as well. We try to resolve problems quickly and efficiently so the more information, the better for you and me. Enjoy your time here.

Best, Paul E-mail: Phone: (617-49)5-2277 Building Manager's Office Hours: Building Manager = 8AM-4:30PM, Security Guard = 4PM-8AM (Mon-Fri); Security Guard = 5PM-7AM (Weekends)



  1. I have maintenance issues. Who do I contact? Submit a repair request here.
  2. My network connection isn't working. Can I get it fixed? Visit
  3. How do I deal with pest problems? If you find cockroaches, ants, or other insects in your suite, the first thing to do is find the source that is attracting them. Make sure that absolutely all perishables are in sealed containers, that there are no spills or crumbs on the floor or empty unwashed beverage bottles. Return all dishes to the Dining Hall. If the problem persists, report it to Paul Hegarty at 5-2277.
  4. Do you have any advice for Do-It-Yourself maintenance? The College must insist that all maintenance be handled through the Building Manager's office. Even well-meaning do-it-yourself maintenance can cause serious damage and liabilities. For example, using over-the-counter caustic drain cleaners to open clogged drains can damage pipes and be a threat to the safety of maintenance personnel.

Security and Lockouts

  1. I'm locked out! How do I get back into my room? See here for lock-out procedures.

  1. What do I do if I've lost my key? Students must request replacement keys from the Building Manager. Lost keys cost $5 to replace during the term and $15 at the end of the term.


  1. Where's the laundry? Laundry rooms can be found in the basement of D-Entryway in McKinlock and in the basements of F and G Towers.
  2. What do I do if something doesn't work in the laundry room? Problems with washers and dryers can be reported online to Mac Gray Systems here. Problems with the Crimson Cash swipe reader can be reported online at any time, or by phone at (617) 496-0329 between 8 AM and 5 PM, Monday through Friday.
  3. How do I use LaundryView? LaundryView can be visited here and Leverett can be found under the River East tab. Once you select your laundry room, it can show you the available washers and dryers and the time remaining on those in use. There are also several other useful functions, like reports on peak laundry times so you can better schedule when you decide to do your laundry.


Please see the General Rules to Follow for tips on preventing theft and unauthorized entry.


  1. Where can I lock up my bike? One bicycle rack for residents of McKinlock is available at the far end of the courtyard. Bicycle racks for residents of the Towers are located in the courtyard. Limited indoor storage is available in the basement of G Tower. Be courteous, use the bicycle racks provided.
  2. Where can't I lock up my bike? The bicycle rack under the library building breezeway is reserved for LevBikes. Bicycles may not be locked to any of the stairwells, gates, posts, or handicapped ramps. If this occurs, the locks will be cut and the bikes left unlocked or be removed. In addition, bikes must be removed from all bicycle racks for commencement in May.
  3. How can I register my bike? To deter thieves and improve the chances of recovering a stolen bike, register your bicycle with HUPD here.

Temperature Control

The residential heating policy is approximately 68 degrees during the day (until 11:00 PM) and 64 degrees at night.

In the towers

1. Close the windows. The tower windows are a little tricky--when closing, it is important to have the lever unhooked. Close the window completely by turning the clasp-wheel, and then push the lever on the window down to pull it in tighter to create a seal.

2.Unblock the vents. If the radiator vents are blocked, heat cannot flow throughout the room.

3. Adjust heat output. There is a panel to adjust heating levels. Spin the nob --1 is snowflake, 5 is maximum. Some may not have numbers so turn the knob one way for heat and the opposite way for cool air. There are a number of coils on the radiator. Adjusting the knob simply decreases the number of coils that are heated, so parts of the radiator will still be giving off heat.

4. Heat comes on automatically. The towers are a forced hot water system. This means hot water is flowing through the radiators, so when the outside temperature drops below 53 degrees the air handlers automatically turn on and blow air through the system. The air then floats over the coils and wafts out in the room as heated air, as a result of this drop in temperature outside.

5. Avoid drafts. Put beds away from windows

6. Use the sun.On sunny days you should open up your curtains/blinds and let the sunlight radiate in and heat up your room.

7. Close curtains. During the night this provides a barrier against any drafts.

8. Rooms facing North (Grant Street) tend to be cooler because those rooms receive little sunlight. We adjust the temperature on this room accordingly.

In McKinlock

1. Heating in your building is a steam-based system. There is a knob underneath or on the side of each furnace that controls heat flow. Adjust as needed. Some of the knobs have numbers. Spin the nob--1 is snowflake, 5 is maximum. Some may not have numbers so turn the knob to the left for heat and to the right to turn it down. There are a number of coils on the radiator. Adjusting the knob simply decreases the number of coils that are heated, so parts of the radiator will still be giving off heat.

2. Some noise is normal. You may hear some clinking--this is normal to a small degree--however, if it persists you may have a problem known as "water-hammering" and need to contact the Leverett Building Manager (me).

3. Do not block the vents. If the radiator vents are blocked, heat cannot flow throughout the room. Do not block the vents if you do not want your room to be cold.

4. Close the windows.

5. Avoid Drafts. Put beds away from windows.

6. Use the sun. On sunny days you should open up your curtains/blinds and let the sunlight radiate in and heat up your room.

7. Close curtains. During the night this provides a barrier against further drafts.

Also, it should never be necessary to open windows to get rid of excess heat from the radiators. If this seems to be an issue, please contact me.


Heat in 20 DeWolfe is completely different than it is in the towers or McKinlock. Heat is originally supplied by an Air Handler Unit in the building and distributed to each suite via a fan coil unit. This is very similar to a forced hot air system in a normal residential setting. As some of you have noticed, this system is very temperamental during the shoulder season (Oct-Nov. & April-May), please be patient.

To use this system please adjust your thermostat accordingly. There is a range on this as well, usually 64-68.

If you experience an issue, please contact HRES at 617-495-8340 or email at, but please keep me posted if things are not getting done.


My room is still too hot/cold! What do I do? If your room is overheated or cold, bring it to the attention of the Building Manager. After hours help with room temperature control should be directed to the Control Center at 495-5560.

Can I have a space heater or air conditioner? The use of space heaters is strongly discouraged because they are fire hazards and are an inefficient use of energy. Air conditioners are allowed only with the written recommendation of a physician and approval by the Accessible Education Office.



Please do not hit the bathroom light off when you leave the bathroom. The light sensor is supposed to go off after 20 minutes. This is a proven way to save electricity, but it does not work if people are turning the light on and off by hitting the sensor each time they enter and leave the bathroom. Don't play with it.


Common bathrooms are cleaned Monday through Friday between 8 AM and 4 PM. Suite bathrooms in McKinlock are normally cleaned at least every two weeks by Dorm Crew. If your bathroom in McKinlock is not cleaned at this interval or to your satisfaction, please contact Dorm Crew at (617-49)5-5569 or Suite bathrooms in F and G Towers are cleaned by FMO. If your bathroom in the Towers is not cleaned to your satisfaction, please contact the Building Manager.


  1. I brought my own bed. Where can I put my Harvard-issued one? Term-time storage of Harvard-issued beds and other pieces of furniture is at the discretion of the Building Manager. Contact Paul to discuss storage options. Students are responsible for returning all Harvard-owned furniture to their suites at the end of the year.
  2. I need a bed board or guard rail for my bed. Where can I get one? Students who wish to borrow bedboards or bunk bed guard rails may do so through the Building Manager. There is a $50 charge for bed boards and/or guard rails not returned to the Building Manager's office at the end of the academic year.
  3. Where can I get a missing piece of furniture? Contact the Building Manager to replace furniture that was not in your suite at move-in.

Suite Inspections

  1. There was a problem with my room when I moved in, and I don't want to get term-billed for it. How do I report this? At the beginning of the term, you should inspect your suite and note the actual condition of the room. It is your responsibility to email the Building Manager by registration if you notice any damage, as you will be responsible for all subsequent damage assessments.
  2. Does Harvard inspect my room during the year? Suites will be inspected periodically during the year and at the end of the academic year. The purpose for inspections is to make sure all rooms comply with safety regulations, to check for needed repairs and that the guidelines noted in this booklet are followed. Inspections during the academic year will be conducted with proper notice if at all possible. Students who violate the facility policy are subject to fines and disciplinary action.