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Hi, I'm Paul, Building Manager for Leverett and DeWolfe. Read the following carefully since issues such as building maintenance and lockouts are handled by the Harvard Real Estate Services (HRES), not me. If you still have questions, you can email me or stop by. Remember to give me your room number and description of your problem as well. We try to resolve problems quickly and efficiently so the more information, the better for you and me. Enjoy your time here.

Best, Paul E-mail: Phone: (617-49)5-2277 Building Manager's Office Hours: Building Manager = 8AM-4:30PM, Security Guard = 5PM-12:45AM (Mon-Fri); Security Guard = 5pm-7AM (Weekends)

1 Maintenance

2 Security and Lockouts

3 Laundry

4 Safety

5 Bikes

6 Temperature Control

7 Bathroom Cleaning

8 Mail

9 Storage

10 Pets

11 Furnishings 12 Suite Inspections 13 Suite Decoration 14 Postering Distribution