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The Leverett open list is a forum for informal house dialogue and activity. Posts are welcomed on a wide variety of subjects from "would more Leverites show up to hoco meetings at midnight?" to "what happened in Justice section this afternoon?" to "which wood chipper would best handle our dining hall painting?". Read the Open List Rules before posting.

How to post to open

Note: You must be subscribed to open in order to send email to open. Send mail to You must send the mail from the email address listed in your online facebook profile.

How to subscribe/unsubscribe

To subscribe, visit the subscription page.

To unsubscribe, first note that you can change your subscription to only send you a single bulk email every so often with a bunch of open posts grouped together. This is called a digest subscription.

To change to digest or unsubscribe, visit the subscription page.

Open List Rules

  1. The open list is for Leverites only.
    Only those on a list may post to it. If you attempt to send mail to the list from an email account other than the one listed in your facebook entry, your post will not be mailed.
  2. No commercial solicitations.
    No message should advertise on behalf of a commercial entity. Student organizations are explicitly forbidden from accepting any corporate sponsorship in return for advertising products, recruiting sessions, corporate resume screenings, or other corporate events to our mailing lists. You are free to express both positive and negative opinions about a commercial entity if, and only if, you and your friends do not stand to profit as a result.
  3. Respect others' time when constructing your subject line.
    Even though this is an open list, a succinct subject line goes a long way to making this list more accessible to everyone.
  4. Be respectful of others.
    All posts must be respectful of all members of the Leverett community. While you should feel free to state discontent, please be sure not to do so by attacking members of the community. If there is an individual behind your frustrations, do your best separate the issue from the person. For example, "why can't that *#$&@ in B-22 turn down his music" is inappropriate. However "the music in B-22 is driving me crazy" expresses the same level of frustration while separating the issue from the individual on the other side of the issue.
  5. By subscribing to the open list you agree to respect others' privacy.
    In order to ensure that house discussion remains open and honest, no post may be forwarded, quoted, or reprinted without the permission of the author or the housemaster. Anyone participating in a violation of this policy will be considered to have violated the privacy of a Harvard student and may have to face the administrative board.

How to improve your subject lines: a worked example

You can't miss this!

D'oh! Your fellow leverites deserve information, not self-promotion.

Great Music!

D'oh! This message doesn't describe an event, but rather the author's views on it.

Chello with Yo Ma Ma!

D'oh! Check your spelling before sending your message, or prepare to be embearassed [SIC] in front of 500 people.

Cello with Yoyo Ma!

D'oh! Don't forget to include the date & time of the event.

Cello with Yoyo Ma - 9:30 Saturday (Dec 10)

D'oh! Oh, so I get to play cello with Yoyo Ma? Cool!

Yoyo Ma Plays Cello - 9:30p Saturday (Dec 10) - SciCtr C

Woohoo! Now that's succinct! We even got the location in there for folks who can read long subject lines.