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-== The Leverett Museum == 
{{Museum}} {{Museum}}

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Photos | T-Shirts | Video | Crest | History | Coltrane | Monkeybread | Song | SCR Library | Hare Today Archive

Chief's Archived Photos: A photo archive of the life and times of Leverett residents, as documented by Chief.

The Lev-Open Archive: (coming soon) - Throughout the years, the Lev-Open archives have been kept a secret from the general public for fear of the great implications on politics, science, the arts, society, and the universe at large. These records come in a variety of extremely secure formats: from bound volumes in Braille to microfiche to stone tablets to 5 inch floppy disks to cave paintings and even in a complicated pattern of crop circles in Ohio. Now, these historic records are being released to the public domain, but only with special licenses for academic research purposes. View at your own risk. Neither the Leverett House guardians nor the website designers are responsible for any of the following symptoms that might occur as side effects of viewing this archive: shock, trauma, whiplash, physical injury caused by falling from short heights (e.g. from a chair to the floor), incessant laughter, hyperventilation, hypoventilation, and the loss of brain cells.

Leverett T-Shirt Museum: Leverett House fashion through the years (straight from Chief's closet).

Stephen Black's Rising Rabbits Video - featuring Bad Bunny - this is a high resolution quicktime file - takes a long time to download, but well worth it.

Leverett Crest and Shield: Use them with pride.

Leverett House History: A brief history of Leverett House.

History of the Painting: Everything you ever wanted to know about the painting in the dining hall.

Monkeybread Recipe: The most precious and well-protected secret of Leverett House - will you use it for good, or for awesome?

Leverett House Song: The dubiously semi-official anthem for Leverett House.

The SCR Library Collection: Books by Leverett Associates.

Hare Today Archive: An archive of Leverett's off-center newsletter.