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Leverett Showcase: Collection of scholarly work by Leverites.

Chief's Archived Photos: A photo archive of the life and times of Leverett residents, as documented by Chief.

Leverett T-Shirt Museum: Leverett House fashion through the years (straight from Chief's closet).

Stephen Black's Rising Rabbits Video - featuring Bad Bunny - this is a high resolution quicktime file - takes a long time to download, but well worth it.

Leverett Crest and Shield: Use them with pride.

Leverett House History: A brief history of Leverett House.

History of the Painting: Everything you ever wanted to know about the painting in the dining hall.

Monkeybread Recipe: The most precious and well-protected secret of Leverett House - will you use it for good, or for awesome?

Leverett House Song: The dubiously semi-official anthem for Leverett House.

SCR Library Collection: Books by Leverett Associates.

Hare Today Archive: An archive of Leverett's off-center newsletter.

Leverett Conway Concert Poster Museum: Conway Concert posters through the years.