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{{Leverett Organizations}} {{Leverett Organizations}}
 +[[Advising_Resources|Sophomore and General Advising]]
== Pre-professional Committees == == Pre-professional Committees ==
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[[Premed:Welcome|Leverett Premed Committee]] [[Premed:Welcome|Leverett Premed Committee]]
-[http:../prelaw/0708/home/index.htm Leverett Prelaw Committee]+[[Prelaw:Home|Leverett Prelaw Committee]]
[[Pre-Career:Welcome|Leverett Pre-Career Committee]] [[Pre-Career:Welcome|Leverett Pre-Career Committee]]
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[ Leverett Public Service Committee] [ Leverett Public Service Committee]
-[[SASH:Welcome|Sexual Health, Sexual Assault (SASH)]]+[[CARE:Welcome|Consent Advocacy and Relationship Education (CARE)]]

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