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Welcome to the Leverett pre-business webpage! The Leverett pre-business tutors are here to help everyone -- from sophomores who want to find out more about business to seniors in the midst of the recruiting cycle. We hope you'll use this page to learn about offerings and events in the house (such as resume screening, career forums, and interview workshops), get connected with the pre-business tutors and alumni advisers, read the Leverett Case Interview Guide, and pick up tips and information for your job-hunting.

If you have any questions about this page, please contact Bilal Malik.



  • Resume and Cover Letter Workshop, September 23
  • Acing Interview: Tricks, Tips, Techniques, Oct 11
  • Case Interview Workshop, Leverett Dining Hall, Oct. 11
  • ACING INTERVIEWS: Tricks, Tips, Techniques, Oct 21
  • Career/ Internship Exploration Dinner: Marketing & Advertizing, Nov 20
  • Career/ Internship Exploration Dinner: Media & Publishing, Dec 4
  • Internship & Recruiting Panel with Leverett Seniors, Jan 12
  • 1-on-1 sessions with tutors (resume/ cover-letter review, interview prep, or general discussion about career options). Sign up HERE
  • Further events to be posted soon (career panels/ dinner tables, etc).


A full list of upcoming OCS events is always updated here:

House Advisors

Meet our eager-to-help resident and non-resident Tutors below! 1-on-1 sessions with tutors (resume/ cover-letter review, interview prep, or general discussion about career options). Sign up HERE

Tracy Britt

Sonali Duggal

Bryce Klempner

Stephen Koren

Bilal Malik

Erica Mitnick

Kelley Morrell

Karthik Muralidharan

Adam Saunders

Lisa Shu

Gitika Srivastava

Uzma Saiduddin Yasin

Zayed Yasin


Below are a number of useful links we have compiled.

Planning for the Summer

  • Guide to Summer Opportunities [1]

Career Exploration

Few students come to college knowing they want to go into business. Business at Harvard is often thought of as recruiting, I-banking, and consulting, but there is a lot more out there. The business tutors are happy to meet with you to talk about career exploration. Also, OCS is an incredible resource for business careers, and we encourage you to make an appointment with one of the counselors there if you are interested.

  • Crimson Compass (directory of alumni by profession, who have agreed to give internship and career-related advice to current students)

Crimson Compass is an online career networking service available to students and alumni interested in learning about career and/or internship opportunities. Crimson Compass provides you with the contacts enables you to store comments on each of your contacts and shares helpful tips on successful networking. Currently, there are over 15,000 alumni volunteering to share their professional experiences and expertise with students and alumni. So whether you're applying to graduate school, changing careers or just starting out, Crimson Compass provides you with the connections you need.


  • Join an OCS mailing list here -- includes lists for summer opportunities, international experience opportunities, graduate school options, as well as other career/ internship options and opportunities.
  • OCS Recruiting Website All recruiting students must go through them. Note that deadlines happen very early in the year! Also, you can sign up at OCS for a videotaped mock interview with analysis afterwards. This is great way to see how you actually look and sound in the interview.
  • Crimson Compass (directory of alumni by profession, who have agreed to give internship and career-related advice to current students)
  • Great commercial site from a couple of Stanford Business School grads geared towards the recruiting student. Has industry analyses, intros to case interviews, and a whole host of other useful info.
  • The Vault Another great commercial recruiting site that is chock full of information.

Preparing your Resume and Cover letter

Here is the Official Leverett House Resume and Cover Letter Preparation Guide:

  • Sample resumes in MS Word, so you can type in your information in an already-formatted document. Pick a format that looks best to you and suits your experiences/ job you are applying for. In terms of content, Sample 1 below is best. It does an excellent job of:
    • Conveying achievements
    • Giving context of experiences, details about specific activities/ task performed, and results/ impact
    • Quantifying wherever possible
    • Explaining technical things (e.g. research experiences) in an accessible, easy-to-under-stand manner (i.e. by using 'normal English' rather than language specific to the field/ project/ organization)

Make sure you save the files on your desk-top before you start editing them: Sample 1 Sample 2 Sample 3

Here are some additional sample resumes in PDF format that you may find useful. We'll try to bring more MS Word version soon, but use these to get a sense of a variety of acceptable formats.

Here are useful documents from OCS on preparing your resume and cover letter.


Read this First

General Interviews

Case Interviews

Tutor's Planning Page

Or: the exciting behind-the-scenes life of pre-biz tutors

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