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HOME: Leverett Pre-Career Homepage
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HOME: Leverett Pre-Career Homepage
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Welcome to the Leverett Pre-Career Committee webpage! The Leverett pre-career tutors are here to help everyone -- from sophomores who want to find out more about potential careers or internship options, to seniors in the midst of the recruiting cycle. We hope you'll use this page to learn about offerings and events in the house (such as resume screening, career forums, and interview workshops), get connected with the pre-career tutors, Lev seniors, and alumni, read useful guides (for resumes/ cover-letters, interviews, etc), and pick up tips and information for your job-hunting.

If you have any questions about this page, please contact Bilal Malik.

Leverett's Pre-Career Committee Online

Leverett's Pre-Career Committee Online

Home: Leverett Pre-Career Homepage