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* Reference Letters * Reference Letters
-** [[Media:Letter to Recommenders 2017-2018.pdf|Letter to Recommenders '17]] .... Letter '18 will be posted soon.+** [[Media:Letter_to_Recommenders_2018-2019.pdf|Letter to Recommenders '18]]
** [ Letter Waiver Form] ** [ Letter Waiver Form]
**[[Media:Guidelines_Brochure.pdf|AAMC Guidelines to Recommenders]] **[[Media:Guidelines_Brochure.pdf|AAMC Guidelines to Recommenders]]
-* [[Media:Premed Questionnaire '17_030317.doc|Premed Questionnaire '17]] ..... Questionnaire '18 will be posted soon. +* [[Media:Premed_Questionnaire_'18_011718.doc|Premed Questionnaire '18]]
* [[Media:Committee_Letter_Waiver_2017.pdf|Committee Letter Waiver]] * [[Media:Committee_Letter_Waiver_2017.pdf|Committee Letter Waiver]]

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Leverett Organizations Advising | Prelaw | Premed | Pre-Career

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Welcome to the premedical advising home page, where you will find a panoply of information about pursuing a medical degree.

Your Premed Tutors are

Please send all premed questions and inquiries to the committee members.

Leverett premed email list:


The application process for the 2018-2019 cycle has already begun. If you are planning to apply in this cycle, please email the committee members ASAP to let us know!

Premed Resources


Fall 2017 Presentation

Fall 2016 Presentation

Leverett House Packet

Current Applicants


Mock interviews for applicants in the 2017-2018 cycle took place in Fall 2017. Mock interviews for 2018-2019 applicants will take place at Leverett House in Fall 2018.