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(2018 Matriculation Calendar - for current applicants in the cycle)
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(2019 Matriculation Calendar - for upcoming application cycle)
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-==2019 Matriculation Calendar - for upcoming application cycle==+==2019 Matriculation Calendar - for current application cycle==
*'''November 2017''' *'''November 2017'''

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2019 Matriculation Calendar - for current application cycle

  • November 2017
    1. Fall intro pre-med meeting mandatory for all students applying in the upcoming cycle held on November 16th in the Library Theatre.
    2. Notify the Pre-Med committee that you are intending to apply in the upcoming medical school application cycle by filling out this form.
    3. Advisor/applicant pairings will be emailed out in December 2017. Contact the Premed Committee if you have not been assigned an advisor by the end of December 2017.
  • December 2017 - February 2018
    1. Get in touch with your premed advisor at least once during this time. At this meeting, please discuss:
      • Timeline for application to medical school
      • MCAT date and preparation (if you have not taken yet)
      • Letters of recommendation
      • Important extracurriculars and leadership positions
      • Any low grades, challenging courses, or other issues (academic probation, etc.)
      • Time off (if applicable)
  • March 2018
    1. If you haven’t already done so, register for and take the MCAT. Overview
    2. By the end of this month, you should have had at least two in-person meetings with your advisor. At your second meeting, you should also discuss:
      • Preliminary list of schools
      • Ideas for personal statement
  • March - April, 2018
    1. Get an AAMC ID# (8 digits), even if you have not begun work on the common application (your Letter ID will be available once the application opens, and will be 7 digits) (AMCAS).
    2. Send first draft of personal statement to advisor by March 23, 2018,
    3. Inform House Office (at by March 23, 2018 which letters you are planning to include in your file.
    4. Work on the Leverett Premedical Questionnaire (Premed Questionnaire), which is due by email by April 13, 2018.
    5. Arrange to have 3-5 letters of recommendation (MAX 6) sent to the house office by April 13, 2018. For MD/PhD, aim for 4-6 letters (MAX 8).
      • Each letter must be accompanied by a Letter of Recommendation Waiver form (Waiver of Access to Recommendation).
      • Recommendation letters MUST refer specifically for admission to medical school (see Letter to Recommenders).
      • Letters must be SIGNED.
      • Letters should be on letterhead stationary.
    6. Clean up your Facebook, Twitter, etc. sites and voicemail. Medical Schools can and do look and listen!
    1. Complete list of medical schools to which you are applying.
    2. Completed waiver form for the Committee letter (Committee Letter Waiver)
    3. Completed questionnaire Premed Questionnaire '18
    4. 3-5 recommendation letters (4-6 for MD/PhD)
    5. Third meeting with pre-med advisor. At this meeting, you should discuss:
      • First draft of personal statement
      • List of medical schools to apply to
    6. OCS Resources
  • June 29, 2018 Recommended Leverett deadline for completing the AMCAS application.
    1. Regular decision deadlines vary, ranging from October 15 to December 15.
    2. Note that many medical schools engage in a rolling admissions process, so it is to your distinct advantage to file your completed AMCAS application as early as possible. Even schools that do not offer rolling admissions offer rolling interviews so get your application in early! Applying late in the cycle will significantly reduce your chance of admission at many schools.
    3. Fourth meeting with pre-med advisor. At this meeting, you should discuss:
      • AMCAS primary application
      • Secondary applications
  • August 2018
    1. House Committee packets are sent to medical schools if materials are completed and submitted by the April 13th deadline.
    2. Fifth meeting with pre-med advisor. At this meeting, you should discuss:
      • Secondary applications and essays
      • Interview scheduling, logistics, and tips (see (The Medical School Interview) for some helpful information)
  • September 2018 - March 2019 Interview Season
    1. Look out for emails about a mock interview and MMI session held at Leverett House (typically in September/early October).
    2. Go on interviews!
  • December 2018 - May 2019 Notification of acceptances
    1. AAMC rules indicate that by a predetermined deadline (typically in late April or early May of matriculation year) each applicant who has received an offer of acceptance from more than one school must choose the specific school at which the applicant prefers to enroll and withdraw his or her application from all other schools from which acceptance offers have been received.
  • Fall 2019
    1. Begin Medical School!