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Ask Faculty Deans (Brian Farrell or Irina Ferreras) about...
General Leverett Questions, Events

Ask the Allston-Burr Dean of Leverett House Bilal about...

Ask House Administrator (Amie Vallerie) about...

Ask about...
For questions concerning being locked out, facilities, rooms, bathrooms, Internet connections, phones, the change machine, laundry, furniture, summer storage and other building and facility related queries, see Paul's Facilities page.

Something broken in Leverett? [Submit] a repair request for your room.

Something broken in DeWolfe? Email LeveeAnn Mollineau at or call her at (617) 495-8340.


Ask Brian or Irina, the Leverett Faculty Deans

Greetings, Leverite, new or old. My name is Brian, Leverett Faculty Dean. The one thing I want you to know right now is that you can find almost anything you want to know right here on the website. If you can't find it, tell us and we'll add it!

If you have any remaining questions about Leverett, House Events, or Tutors, send me an email.

When can I move in to Leverett House?

Fall move in for Juniors and Seniors at Leverett House will begin at 9am on Thursday, August 30 (see the Dean of Students Office Calendar for exact dates). Sophomores can move in on Wednesday, August 29 at 9AM. You can get the key to your new room from the Security Office in the Leverett New Library Building on DeWolfe Street, in front of the Leverett Towers. Check the home page announcements for information on registration, dining hall openings, etc.

I'm a Rising Hare! What is the Sophomore Orientation and Sophomore Outing be? When is it? What should I bring? Where do I go?

The Sophomore Orientation and Outing is an annual bundle of fun for new Leverites. Sophomores can move in one day early on Wednesday 29 August, and we encourage you to take advantage of this extra time to get settled. To welcome you, we will have an informal ice cream social and movie night that Wednesday evening. There will be breakout sessions the following afternoon with activities to help you get to know your sophomore advisor and think about the year ahead. The Outing to Sacco's Bowl Haven will take place on the morning of Friday 31 August. Get excited! Our welcome events end on Tuesday 4 September with a formal dinner in the Leverett House Dining Hall at 7:30pm, preceded by a reception (location TBA). If you have any questions, please email Molly ( about orientation activities, Johan ( for the outing, and Aaron ( for connecting with your sophomore advisor. We look forward to welcoming you to the house! Please check the front page announcements where more information about the Orientation and Outing will be posted later this summer.

Hi Irina and Brian, when's Junior Parents Weekend?

To find out the most up-to-date information on dates and times, watch for home page announcements.

The Junior Parents Weekend (JPW) is a two-day program that focuses on the third-year experience and current issues on the Harvard campus, and is typically the first Friday and Saturday of March. Parents of Juniors are encouraged to arrive on Thursday in order to enjoy the full extent of the activities: lectures by distinguished faculty, panel discussions on college life and careers, a reception and luncheon in each House, and visits to classes and University museums. The program is arranged by the Harvard College Parents Association . If you would like to participate in the JPW planning: 1) contact Chief with your interest, 2) contact the previous year's House reps and have them recommend you to the Director of the College Parents Association before Thanksgiving Break of your Junior Year. Programs are mailed to parents in February.

Dear Brian and Irina, they're forcing me to leave here after four years. Do I get a consolation prize like a diploma or something? When's commencement?

Yep. To find out the most up-to-date information on dates and times for Commencement, check the home page announcements. Admission tickets are free, but they are required in order to enter Tercentenary Theater. Graduating seniors will received tickets in mid-May.

Can I invite my Urdu Professor to one of the Leverett Student-Faculty Dinners?

Sure, Mary Sue. Leverett holds at least one such dinner each semester. The evening kicks off with a reception in the Faculty Dean's Residence. Check the House Calendar or watch the home page Announcements for exact dates. You can also invite Harvard faculty members to join you any time for a meal in the dining hall at no charge.

I need to know: what is this elusive, super-secret society called "HoCo? What is their mission? What will result from their daring and extemporaneous actions?

The Leverett House Committee, affectionately known as HoCo, are the chief purveyors of fun at Leverett House (the House Formal, Stein Club and many other formal and informal events). If you want to actively contribute to House life, work with HoCo!

I have special dietary requirements (Kosher, vegan, etc). Who should I talk to?

Talk to , our dining hall manager, or call 617-495-4931.

I need a projector so that I can show "Finding Nemo" at the Leverett Save the Fish rally in the Dining Hall. Where can I find one?

We have one that can be used for Leverett events in the Dining Hall. Just ask Amie.

How to send an anonymous message

Anonymous feedback form.

Where can I find the ever-popular Chief's Photos collection?

You can find photos from 1999-2008: here and the entire Leverett Flickr album here.

Ask Bilal, Allston-Burr Dean

Hi, I'm Bilal, Allston-Burr Dean of Leverett House. I'm your academic guide here at Leverett House.

If you have any questions not answered here pertaining to academics, study cards, taking a leave of absence, petitioning the ad board, exams, or the registrar, do not hesitate to email me at or call (617-49)5-2279.

I've got to get out of this course before it is too late. Where can I find Add/Drop Forms?

Come to the House Office and ask me. We keep the forms in my office on the ground floor of F-Tower. See here for a list of forms available at the House Office.

Where can I get waiver forms for Letters of Recommendation?

You can download the waiver form online or pick one up from the House Office.

I need documents from Paris for my study abroad application. Where can I find a FAX machine I can use?

I recommend trying to scan the document and sending it as a PDF. There is a scanner in the House Computer Lab. If you need a FAX machine, please use an online FAX service such as For certain academic confidential documents, you may be able to use the FAX machine in the House Office in F5. The number for that machine is (617)496-1900. Check with Kim or Amie if you need to use it.

Ask Amie, House Admin

Hi, I'm Amie, and I'll be the person who will help you find a room of your own in Leverett House.

If you have any questions about the Housing Lottery, Rooming, Interhouse Transfers, Dining Hall Activities not answered here, please contact me at or call (617-49)5-2278. We can set up a time to meet.

I'm having some rooming problems. What can I do?

If you're having problems with your rooming situation, please come to the House Office to discuss them with me or e-mail me and we can work out a solution. All discussions remain confidential.

What is the policy for overnight guests in the House?

Please see the Guest Policy quoted from the Student Handbook: "A Harvard student not regularly assigned to a particular dormitory or House may not be lodged in that dormitory or House for more than a brief stay. The consent of other occupants of the room is always required.

Students who wish to have guests who are not Harvard students for more than two nights must first also obtain permission of the Faculty Deans or Dean of Freshmen. The hosts of repeated overnight guests who are not Harvard students must make their guests’ presence known to the Building Manager and security personnel due to safety considerations. The College reserves the right to prohibit overnight guests when issues of security are involved. Food may not be shared with or given to those who are not on a board contract or who have not paid for the meal."

How do I post to the Leverett Calendar?

To schedule an event in the JCR, SCR, Private Dining Room (PDR) or D-Entry Dining Room, use the house room reservation system. For other rooms, please send me an e-mail.

I want to throw a party!

Come to the House Office and fill out a Party Form and have it approved. Make sure to read over the House policies as well.

How can I book events in the Dining Hall?

Contact me by e-mail or stop by the House Office. Please check the Leverett Calendar beforehand and if it is available, please read the rental policy at: Rental Policy.

Where can I find out about tabling in the Dining Hall?

Please visit the Tabling Policy page to find the regulations.

How do I find out how to transfer into or out of Leverett House?

Spring applications are due in mid-October with notification on results occurring one month later. You can find more information here at the Office of Student Life website.

Who should I see if I would like to have an Outdoor Event in the Tower Courtyard?

Please see Amie in the House Office if you would like to rent the corner area between the two Leverett towers between G-Tower and Grant Street for an outdoor event. She will go over all the details with you and show you an Agreement you would need to sign in order to use the area.

How does receiving mail work?

See the Mail page.

How do I post to the lev-open mailing lists?

See the Mailing Lists page.

Where do we store our stuff for the summer?

See our Summer Storage and Move-out page.

I'm taking the fall off. Will Leverett store my belongings until I get back next semester?

See our Summer Storage and Move-out page.

Other Questions

In Leverett

  • Join the Leverett Arts Society - contact , ,
  • Join the Stein Club - contact:
  • Important Telephone Numbers - 617-429-3311 (Allston-Burr Dean).
  • Notary Public - The Office of General Counsel provides notarial services in connection with official University business. You can also normally find a notary public at any local post office or bank.
  • Reserving Common Rooms - visit the calendar.
  • Premed Concerns - visit the Premed Committee webpage
  • See the Activity Rooms page for information about the ...
    • Weight Room --The gym is located on the ground floor of G-tower.
    • Band Room (G-Tower)--Basement.
    • Dark Room---There is no dark room in Leverett any longer.

Outside Leverett