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Welcome to Wellness at Leverett!

As your Wellness Tutors, we are here to help you feel great, live a balanced life, and address any wellness-related concerns and questions you may have. We work closely with UHS and Leverites from wellness-oriented student groups to bring you things like healthy study breaks, Leverett Yoga, meditation trainings, and various other wellness events throughout the year.

Most importantly, we are here for you as a resource. Please reach out to us anytime with any questions, concerns, suggestions, or just to chat. We look forward to helping you live well!

Lev love and good health, Your Wellness Tutors Lena, Siri and Tio

The Community Health Initiative (CHI) trains students as liaisons to the University Health Services (UHS) in undergraduate houses, freshman dorms, and other living centers at Harvard. Leverett House is especially important to CHI as it was the first House to support a CHI pilot program. CHI takes an upstream approach to students health, focusing on prevention rather than treatment. Your Leverett House CHI Representatives, Cathy Cheng ~R07 (cheng@fas; 4 years with CHI), Julia Rotow ~R07 (rotow@fas; 2 years with CHI), Eva Liggett (eliggett@fas; 2 years with CHI), Allie Rosene-Mirvis (rrosene@fas; 1 year with CHI) are experienced in promoting individual lifestyle choices and behaviors that prevent illness and lead to optimal health. Existing for the students, CHI Reps use proactive, holistic approaches which encompass the physical, social, and environmental dimensions of health. Leverett CHI Reps organize themed, House-wide study breaks to reduce stress among fellow Leverites, restock the House with complimentary contraceptives from UHS, and plan numerous campus-wide events including our annual Thrive event that draws hundreds of students each year. The CHI will continually evaluate and evolve with the needs and concerns of the students, as well as evaluate program success, but our roles include: