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Wikis provide an easy way to collaboratively work on a website. The best and most enjoyable way to learn is to just get started editing a page. This page will collect some procedures and tips to make your wiki work even quicker and more fun.


Getting Started

To edit a page, make sure you are logged in, and press the "edit" tab on the top of the wiki page and below the standard Leverett links. Remember, you have to press "Save Page" to save your changes. The "Article" tab takes you back to the regular view.

To start a new page, just type in the url you want, (e.g. and then edit it--voila, the page is made! Or, you can create a link to a new wiki page in another wiki page, save your change, and then click on the link.

A tip on learning how to do things: check out how it's done in other places! Click the "edit" tab on pages you want to emulate, copy what they've done, and paste it on your page, changing whatever's necessary. That's how we all started!

Links and Files

To create a link to another wiki page, use this format:

[ [ "name of wiki page" | "name you want for your link" ] ]

Except without spaces between the brackets--otherwise the wiki would have created a link above! Like this one--press edit to see how it was made.

The above format is preferred for wiki pages because it will persist even if the Leverett site is changed. To make links to outside websites, use set of one brackets:

[ "outside link, starting with http.." "name you want for your link" ]

Here's an example (press edit to see it).

Here's an example of a link to another page on the Lev site

To create a link to an email, use this format:

[ mailto:"your-email-(no-space!)" "your name" ]

For example, if you have questions, please email Antonio Baclig.

But maybe linking to the Leverett facebook would be a little nicer, and Leverites can see your contact information there anyway. Try this:

  • Go to your facebook profile, right click on your name, and choose "View Frame Info"
  • Look at the url and and remember the leverettuid at the end.
  • Insert that at the end of this url and make a regular link, copying the example below.

Here's the example!

If you want to link to a file, first upload the file to the wiki by clicking on the "Upload file" link in the "toolbox" on the left side of the wiki. Remember (copy) what filename you gave the file in the wiki. E.g., "Lev_Reimbursement_Request_2.pdf"

Then use this format: [ [ Media:"filename"|"title-you-want-for-your-link" ] ].

Example - Leverett Reimbursement Request


Here's an easy way to number things on the wiki: you just put a # in front of each sentence you want numbered, such as

"# This is the first."

"# This is the second."

and the wiki automatically numbers them for you, so that

  1. you can focus on what you're actually writing.
  2. you don't have to go back and re-number every time you add another point.
  3. I can't think of any more, but make sure you press "edit" to see how this is done!


To add an image to a wiki page, first upload the image to the wiki (see "Links and Files," above). Then use this format:

[ [Image: "filename"] ]

Here's an example:

As in the example, you can do many things to images, including resizing them, aligning them to the right or left of the page, adding borders, etc. See this help page for more information.

Creating Sign-up pages for meetings on the wiki

You can create a personal wiki page in order to arrange meetings without emailing back and forth!

Here are instructions to make your own:

1) Copy and paste my URL into another window or tab, so that you have two browsers open on

2) In one of these URLs, change Juliet's name (Juliet_Wagner) to your own, so the new URL will read:

3) Your wiki page now exists, and you have my wiki page and your wiki page open in browsers. Click on the 'edit' at the top of Juliet's wiki page, which will show you a box containing editable text.

4) Click 'edit' at the top of your wiki page, which will show you an empty box.

5) Copy and paste the text from my wiki editable text box into the editable text box on your wiki.

6) Close the window/tab containing my wiki (so you don't edit Juliet's by mistake!).

7) Personalise and edit your own wiki page to your heart's content (change the email address to yours. Change all other relevant details (the times you are available, type of meeting etc.)

8) Click 'Save'.

Now all you have to so is send the link to your students for them to sign up to meetings! You can always edit the wiki and use it throughout the year to schedule meetings (delete old information etc.).