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This page describes the wide array of activity rooms that Leverett has to offer.


Music Practice Rooms

In addition to the grand piano in the JCR , there are also two practice rooms in the basement of McKinlock, located behind the library theater and next to the art room. Lastly, there is a piano in the dining hall for you to enjoy. In the words of the Village People, "You can't stop the music!"

Rock Music Practice Rooms

There is a practice room in the basement of G-Tower that is suitable for rock bands. You must get the key from the guard. Make sure you return the key when you're done.

Computer Labs

There is a computer room located in the library basement and there is a small one next to the JCR in C entry. (mike drop)

Fitness Center

The Leverett Gym, a.k.a. Rabbit Run, is located on the ground floor of G-Tower. All Leverites have automatic ID card access to the gym (please see Paul Hegarty, the Leverett Building Manager, if you have trouble with your gym access).

The two-room facility is air-conditioned and open 24/7. The gym is equipped with two TVs with Comcast cable, a bathroom with shower, a water fountain, and fans. Fitness equipment in the Lev Gym includes:

Cardio Equipment: Precor treadmills (2), Precor ellipticals (2), Precor upright bikes (2), Concept II rowing machine

Strength Training Equipment: Paramount PFT-200 multi-station (legs, shoulders/chest, upper back, arms), Dumbbells (2-75 lbs.), Resistance bands, Medicine balls (10-25 lbs.), Kettlebells (12-30 lbs.), Body bars (4-18 lbs.)

Other Equipment: Fit balls, Jump ropes, Ab wheel, Stretching and yoga mats, Adjustable and flat benches

Leverett Gym Etiquette

  • Please keep the gym neat and tidy. At the end of your workout, wipe down cardio machines using the Clorox wipes provided. Re-rack your weights and return all other equipment to its proper place. Turn off the TV(s) and fan(s) if you are the last person to leave.
  • If you notice equipment out of order or missing, please e-mail gym tutor Siri Uotila.
  • Please respect House-wide quiet hours starting at 11 pm on weeknights and 2 am on Fridays and Saturdays.
  • Olympic lifting is not permitted in the Lev gym. Please exercise at your own fitness level and contact your physician and/or the gym tutors if you have questions.

The Lev Gym is overseen by gym tutors Mel Leger, Raj Manrai and Siri Uotila. Please contact us if you have any questions, comments or suggestions regarding the gym. Bunny fitness is important and we hope that many of you will make use of our wonderful gym!

Art Studio

The art room in located in the basement of Mckinlock. A life without art is a life not worth living.

Pool and Ping-Pong Room

The pool table is in the basement of Mckinlock. There is a ping pong table in the G Hutch. Contact HOCO for any missing supplies.

Old Library

The Old Library, located off C-entryway, is a large space suitable for rehearsals and group meetings. Performances may not be held in the Old Library because the space is not handicap accessible.

Vending Machines

Snacks and soda can be obtained from machines in the Laundry Room in the basement of Mckinlock, F Tower common room and the F Hutch or G Hutch.


A small kitchen with cooking supplies in The Rabbit Hole is available to all students. A key to the kitchen is available in the guard's office.