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Article 1 - Name

The name of the organization shall be The Leverett Culinary Society (LCS).

Article 2 - Purpose

LCS shall exist as a means for those who enjoy the preparation and consumption of food to gather and share their interest in a relaxed atmosphere. Moreover, LCS shall exist to provide a learning forum through peer instruction and guided practice. Once a year, the Society shall publish a cookbook consisting of submissions from its members as well as the greater House community. In addition, it shall administrate and provide for the proper maintenance of the Leverett House kitchen and its attendant equipment.

Article 3 - Membership

  1. Membership in this organization shall be open to all members of the Harvard community regardless of race, creed, color, sex, sexual orientation or physical disability.
  2. Membership shall be retained until one severs relations with the University whether by graduation or otherwise. Membership will be retained during the vacations and recesses of the university.
  3. Dues shall consist of the ingredients needed by individual members. These shall not excess a maximum of ten (10) dollars per month: members freely choose which Feasts to attend, and efforts will be made to keep the costs as low as possible. These costs may be defrayed by the Treasury provided that:
    1. the group so votes by a simple majority
    2. there are sufficient funds in the Treasury.
    3. Membership is counted simply by membership in monthly feasts. One may join at any time. One may also leave at any time, so long as all out-standing obligations to the LCS are satisfied (see Meetings).

Article 4 - Officers

  1. The officers of LCS shall consist of a President(s), Vice President of: Communications, Finance, Faculty Liaison, Community Service.
  2. In addition, Editors: Chief, Design, Layout and Publisher for LCS's Cookbook. Other offices may be added as needed by amending the Constitution.
  3. The President shall be the chief executive officer of the group and shall have general supervision and control of its activities and programs.
  4. The Vice President of Finance shall oversee the finances of LCS.
  5. The Vice President of Communication shall oversee postering and inter and intra group communication.
  6. Editors: Chief, Design, Layout and Publisher shall be responsible for the creation and publication of the LCS? Cookbook.
  7. Faculty Liaison shall be responsible for communicating with Leverett House and College administration.
  8. The Vice President of Community Service shall be responsible for organizing community service initiatives.

Article 5 -- Elections

  1. Officers shall be elected annually by members of LCS. Elections shall be held during the month of May. The term of the office shall start on the first day of summer recess and shall terminate on the last day of the academic year. Elections for vacant positions shall be held at the first meeting of LCS following vacation of the position in question.
  2. Any undergraduate member of the group may be nominated for election. All members who have participated in at least one Feast prior to the election shall have one vote. Voting shall be carried out by secret ballot and tallied by the Vice President of Finances. Nominations and elections shall occur within the same meeting unless a majority vote chooses to postpone.

Article 6 -- Meetings

  1. Meetings shall be held as often as LCS deems necessary by majority vote, not to be less than twice a month. The first meeting of the month shall deal with planning and assigning tasks in the staging of that month's Feast. The second meeting, the Feast, is to take place in the latter two weeks of the month. Special meetings of the group may be called the President, any Vice Presidents, or any five members of LCS.
  2. Three or more members appearing at a regularly scheduled meeting constitutes a quorum. In the event of a special meeting wherein a policy might be determined, a simple majority of those members eligible to vote in elections must be present.
  3. The President shall chair all meetings. In the President's absence, the Vice President of Finance shall chair. In the event of both officers' absence, a substitute shall be designated beforehand.
  4. Notice of regular and special meetings shall be communicated to LCS by the President.
  5. All members shall have on vote with respect to any resolutions put forward during a meeting. Any member may propose a toast. Members must be present to vote.
  6. Alcohol shall not be consumed at any meetings or Feasts of LCS by members under the age of 21.

Article 8 -- Amendments

  1. Amendments may be proposed by any member of LCS, and must be distributed in writing to LCS forty-eight hours prior to the first meeting of the month, that they might be adequately debated. Voting on amendments will occur at the first meeting of the month. All members eligible to vote in elections shall have one vote in the amendment process.
  2. A two-thirds majority of all eligible members of LCS shall constitute passage of the new amendment.