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Harvard organizations may rent the dining hall for events involving Harvard students on Friday and Saturday nights for $100. In addition to this rental fee, a $100 deposit will be held and refunded if all clean-up responsibilities have been met. $25 of this deposit will secure the room reservation. It is non-refundable if the reservation is cancelled and fully refundable if the event and clean-up occur as scheduled.

Certain conditions must be met, and approval of the Faculty Dean and the Dining Hall Manager is required. Organizations must submit a detailed plan for the event and the clean-up afterwards, identifying a group of students (including at least some Leverites) who will be responsible for clean-up. The proposal should be submitted by a Leverett student who will take responsibility for all required paperwork as well as overseeing the event. Access to the dining hall is available after 8pm, when the regular dinner hour is over.

A sound system is available for rental for events in the dining hall for an additional $75 plus deposit. Please review the basic AV guide for the dining hall.

The dining hall cannot be rented during reading period or exam period, or in the hectic first couple of weeks of a new term. Generally, we only allow one rental per weekend, so it is very important to get your requests in early.

To request a room reservation, please complete the Dining Hall Request Form and "save it as" a pdf so that you can e-mail it to: Amie Vallerie.. Before your request will be considered, you must pay a $5 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit, due IMMEDIATELY in the House Office, F-5. Your request will then be considered and Amie will send further information. Please note that the event must first be approved by the House, followed by approval by the College. Please submit your request at least three weeks prior to the event to insure all approvals are met in time.