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Individual Harvard students or approved Harvard organizations may table in the Dining Hall (except for Wednesdays and Thursdays) with prior approval by the House Administrator, . Applicants for tabling permission should first check the tabling availability in the Leverett reservations calendar to see if the space is available. Only one group is allowed to table in this area unless an exception has been made.

The general rule for tabling is that it should not disturb or annoy the Leverett students who are eating or working in the dining hall. In addition, the following rules should be observed.

  1. Requests for tabling permission should be made at least 24 hours in advance, and preferably sooner.
  2. No tabling is allowed during a special meal or if a HOCO event (such as a movie) is going on in the dining hall. These will generally be listed in advance on the dining hall on the Leverett reservations calendar.
  3. Chairs and tables should not be moved from the Dining Hall or their regular spots.
  4. Posters and literature brought by the group must not damage the tables. In particular, bright colored sheets or table tents should not be put on the tables, because this can leave stains.
  5. Tabling is not permitted for non-approved student organizations or groups (such as fraternities or sororities, companies or outside groups).
  6. The Leverett House Committee often tables at the round table right outside the servery. They are permitted to use this space.
  7. Any questionnaires or surveys to be handed out in the tabling should follow general Harvard regulations and should be submitted for approval as part of the tabling request.