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Building emergency? Contact the Control Center immediately at (617)495-5560.

Unless there is an emergency, you should contact Paul only after reading the relevant information below.

Facilities Information

  • General Rules to Follow: Guide covering security tips, getting locked out, telephones, cooking, fire safety, room modifications, laundry, furniture, bicycles, bathroom cleaning, recycling, trash, postering, and much more.
  • Something broken? Submit a repair request for your room.
  • Laundry - Problems with the laundry?

Summer Storage and Move In/Move Out Information

Buildings, Rooms, and Halls

  • Old Floor plans Floorplan layouts of McKinlock and the Towers. Use the next link for more up to date layouts.
  • Floor plans and room views The blueprints to the Leverett buildings (DeWolfe, McKinlock and updated maps of the two Towers) and also photographs of views from various floors.
  • Office of Student Life Information on the Upperclassmen Houses, interhouse transfers, and more.