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The Opening of the House

Leverett House will open for move-in at 9 AM on Saturday, August 28th. In general, we advise you to return on the 28th unless you have permmission to be on campus for organizational reasons regarding the arrival of the freshmen or some other special reason. Registration will be the next week when classes begin. Please note that the Leverett Dining Hall will open for dinner on Saturday, August 28th. Private parties will not be allowed until after academic registration is complete (and parties will usually require registration with the Leverett House office).

Please note that all of these dates will be provided to you by e-mail or on the home page of the Leverett website.


All House residents will be issued a suite key and a mailbox combination for which they will sign a receipt form. The following materials will be available to you in your suite dropbox, and extras are available at the Super's Office:

  • Cue Guide (one per suite, or two per Tower U)
  • Unofficial Guide to Life at Harvard (one per suite, or two per Tower U)
  • Condition of Suite Card (one per suite)

Your Room and Furnishings

When moving into your suite you should expect to find a clean set of rooms with walls that have been painted within the last few years. Each student is allocated one bed (including a mattress and a pillow), one desk, one dresser, one chair and a bookcase (the Towers contain multiple built-in shelves). You may also expect to find that the windows have storm windows, screens and shades (in McKinlock) or curtains (in the Towers). There are ceiling light fixtures for general room lighting and also standing lamps. Suites in McKinlock have living rooms, from one to four bedrooms and a common bathroom. Typically, suites in the Towers include either a configuration of two rooms and a "private" bathroom or a series of single and double bedrooms arranged around a U-shaped hall and common bathroom facilities. If this description doesn't make any sense to you, check out the blueprints of the Towers.

At the beginning of the term each suite group should inspect the room and report any significant damages to the Superintendent. He should be notified if something is not working properly.

Student Insurance

Harvard does not carry insurance covering damage to or theft of property. It is advised that you or your family obtain such coverage. Information about insurance plans, offered by a private company, will be available after registration. Here is link to some insurance information that we have posted: