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HoCo: your friendly local purveyors of Leverett love.

HoCo, or the House Committee, is a body of elected officers, class representatives, and tutors responsible for all Leverett events, from the Spring Formal to Rising Rabbits Revelry and everything in between. We mix drinks at the Harvard-Yale tailgate and drop beats at the Blackout Dance with equally reckless abandon.

Want to join HoCo? Elections are held during winter reading period, and officers are elected for one-year terms. Don't want to join HoCo? That's crazy talk. To email all of us at once, write to leverett.house.committee@gmail.com

[edit] About

House Committee (affectionately dubbed HoCo) is a forum for discussion and functions specifically as the recognized clearing house for organizing a range of House activities. In this way, it can substantially influence the quality of House life and may effectively convey House sentiment to other University bodies.

If you want to be in touch with Leverett House and contribute actively to life here, work with the House Committee. You can contact the Co-Chairs at leverett.house.committee@gmail.com.

[edit] 2017 HoCo Officers

Co-Chairs: Alec Reed, Belle Lee

Treasurers: David Hughes

Secretary: Danielle Krzyszczyk

Social Co-Chairs: Steffan Paul, Siqi Liu

Social Assistant:

Publicity Chair: Camille N'Diaye-Muller

Publicity Assistant:

Merchandise Chair:

IM Chair: Nakoa Farrant, Jen Xu

Stein Club Co-Chairs: Andrea Schoenberg, Cynthia Kim

Senior Class Rep: Kamara Swaby

Junior Class Rep: Alexander Munoz

Sophomore Class Rep: Ruiqi He

[edit] 2011 HoCo Hare Herald

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Hare Herald February 17, 2011

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