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All of the information below is also contained in the Handbook for Students. Ultimately, all students are expected to be familiar with the Handbook meaning that you are responsible for taking steps to ensure a successful completion of your exams.

Exam Schedule

The final exam schedule is available from the Registrar's website. Students are responsible for knowing when and where exams will take place so you should check and recheck the schedule before the exam period begins.

Notes Regarding Exam Groups:

The Handbook for Students provides a table with a tentative exam schedule based on exam groups. Students must list exam groups on study cards to indicate that they understand the connection between their course schedules and exam schedules. This warning is especially relevant for courses in the same exam groups or exam group sets with exams scheduled for the same day; the list of these groups and sets is available in the Handbook. Students who have two exams scheduled for the same time will be reassigned an exam time other than the one posted for one of the courses. Students will be informed of this alternate exam time at least one week prior to the first day of exams. Students should be available for examinations on any day of the Examination Period.

Know You Will Miss an Exam?

Application for In Absentia and Out-of Sequence Exams

In Absentia Final Exams

Copies of the Application for In Absentia Examination are available on the Registrar's website. Students who will not be present during the final exam period need to fill out an application for each in absentia examination. The Administrative Board must approve each petition for an in absentia examination. If you are enrolled in an approved study-out-of-residence program through the Office of International Programs, you need to submit an application for each in absentia exam, but do not need Administrative Board approval. The application is due 30 days before the exam. The Resident Dean will sign the form only when you have completely filled out the application with the professor's signature and all information regarding a proctor. Applications should be returned in person to Smith Campus Center, Suite 450, 1350 Massachusetts Ave.

Out-of-Sequence Exams due to Religious Obligations

If you need to reschedule an exam because of religious obligations, you can access the Request for Out of Sequence Exam due to Religious Obligations from the Registrar's website and e-mail it to the Exams Office (fasexams@fas). The application is due by the last day of classes.

Missing an Exam During and After the Exam Period

Illnesses BEFORE a Final Exam

You can petition for a make-up exam because of illness only if the illness is documented by UHS within the 24-hour period before the beginning of the exam. In an emergency, your illness can be reported to UHS by a private physician, but it must happen before the beginning of the exam. The private physician must also supply a written statement to UHS. See "Make-Up Exams for MEDICAL Reasons" (below) for details about petitioning the Administrative Board for a make-up exam.

LATE Arrival to a Final Exam

If you arrive late for a final exam, then you may be refused admission and reported as absent. The Registrar has full authority to make the decision regarding late entry into an exam room. Report directly to the exam room up to the hours of 9:45AM for a morning exam or 2:45PM for an afternoon exam. After that time you should report to the Exams Office in Science Center 112. If you are allowed entry to the exam, no penalty will ensue for the time spent in the Exams Office. No one will be admitted to an exam if any student has already left the exam room. Ordinarily, latecomers are not allowed to make up lost time.

Illnesses DURING a Final Exam

If you show up for any part of an exam, you cannot get a make-up exam. If you get ill during an exam, report the illness immediately to the proctor. The proctor will have you escorted to UHS, where you will be kept incommunicado until able to resume the exam. Upon resumption, you will be allowed only the balance of time not already used.

Make-Up Exams for MEDICAL Reasons

The Administrative Board has jurisdiction over granting make-up exams. No instructor may grant or give a make-up exam to any student who missed a final exam without the express authorization of the Registrar and the Administrative Board; nor may a make-up exam be given at any time or place other than that specified by the Registrar. The granting of a make-up exam is not an extension of time to complete other written work for the course. Such an extension is granted only by special vote of the Administrative Board. Petitions for make-up exams are due in the Resident Dean's office as soon as possible and no later than one week after each exam. If you have a medical excuse, fill out the UHS petition form (available from your doctor) and take the form directly to the Leverett House Resident Dean's office.

Make-Up Exams due to INADVERTENCE

If you miss an exam due to genuine inadvertence (e.g., oversleeping, thinking the exam was scheduled for a different time), then see the Resident Dean immediately about petitioning the Administrative Board for a make-up exam. As part of the petition, the coursehead must send an e-mail to the Resident Dean stating that he/she will prepare a make-up exam (to be administered early in the next semester) and that you were in good standing in the course (C- or higher) before the final exam. You can petition successfully for such a make-up exam only once in your College career. If the petition fails, you will receive a permanent grade of ABS (unexcused absence), which is equivalent to a failing grade.

Extensions of Time

Extensions of Time WITHIN the Exam Period: Extensions on written work up to the end of the exam period may be granted by the instructor. Such extensions are at the discretion of the instructor; there is no need for Administrative Board action.

Extensions of Time BEYOND the Exam Period: No instructor can accept your work after the end of the exam period without the authorization of the Administrative Board. You must petition the Board for an official extension of time beyond the exam period. The notation "Incomplete" (INC), often used in the grading of graduate students, cannot under any circumstances be given to undergraduates.