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Bilal Ed.D., Allston-Burr Resident Dean of Leverett House & Lecturer in Anthropology

OFFICE HOURS. Bilal holds two sets of office hours: 10-min slots outside the Dining Hall and 25-min slots in the House Office. These are updated every Saturday for the following week. You can sign up using the links below:

If the times in both sets of OHs don't work in your schedule, please fill this form, and Leverett's Academic Coordinator, Kim, will be in touch to confirm an alternate time.

Note: The House Office is located in room F-05, on the ground floor of Leverett House F-Tower (the first door on your right, after you enter F-tower through the glass doors). The street address is: 28 DeWolfe St, Cambridge, MA 02138.

Kim, Academic Coordinator

Contact Info: or 617-495-2279. Available 9AM to 5PM Mondays-Fridays.

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