Intramurals - How much time do IMs take?

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Intramural sports take as much time as you want to give them. There is no commitment, and we won't be mad at you if you come to one game and then can't make it to any others. Games for most sports are about an hour. In general, practices are not required (with a notable exception, below), and everybody who comes will get to play if possible. Intramurals are about having fun and making friends while getting exercise--see Why should I play IMs?--and so there are no requirements, but we do encourage you to play as much as you can!

The one exception where practices are required is IM Crew. Because 7 other people are counting on you to row safely and well, 2-3 practices a week are usually required during the crew season, which begins with tank practices before spring break and continues through the month of April.