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The IM Tool gives you the ability to

  • Keep track of what games you have coming up.
  • RSVP for a game, so that the captains know how many people are coming.
  • See other Leverites who are on your team or who are interested in the same sports as you.

In addition, if you are a captain, with the IM Tool you can

  • Send emails to everyone on your team with an easy form.

Click on some of the links above and check it out!

History: the IM tool began as an idea in the minds of the 2007 IM Reps, including Dan Roy, Thomas O'Connell, Rob Watson, and Antonio Baclig. Antonio worked on the IM Tool as a CS50 final project, and it was used in the winter and spring seasons of that school year by 180 Leverites in 20 sports for 70 games. In the summer of 2008 the IM Tool was upgraded to version 2.0, and we are excited to see how it is used in the 2008-09 year!