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One of our goals for the upcoming year is to better utilize the Junior Common Room (JCR) for activities, gatherings, and events that build house community.

We are open to a variety of ideas for such activities: small concerts, s'mores in the fireplace, games, dance lessons, movies, laser shows. What we end up doing is up to you.

If you have an idea for how you'd like to use the JCR, we would like you to submit your ideas as a proposal. Accepted activities will be alloted time in the JCR in advance of any other reservations. Announcements of accepted activities will be posted via the all-house mailing list. Some proposals with modest budgetary requirements may also receive a modest allocation of money.

Proposals will be selected by a committee consisting of tutors and students. If you'd like to submit a proposal, send your proposal to Brian or Irina.

Submitting a proposal

A proposal should describe the proposed activity and how it will benefit the house community. You should also include:

  1. A proposal name
  2. When and how frequently will the event take place (one-time events are fine)
  3. A budget (unless none is required)
  4. An estimate the proportion of the attendees you expect to be Leverites.
  5. The names and house affiliations of those organizing the activity. Identify the lead organizer who will be responsible for the activity.


Please do not submit a proposal expecting to get time for a campus student group. You must disclose proposals on behalf of, or in cooperation with, campus organizations. We will withdraw allocations for activities if a majority of participants are non-Leverites (though exceptions may be made for events organized in cooperation with other houses.)

To ensure that activities are available to the entire house community, they should be open to both men and women and all cultures, races, religious preference, and sexual orientation.

Good luck and have fun!

Brian and Irina

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