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Washers and dryers for House members' use are located in the basements of McKinlock at the back of the rabbit Hole and F and G Towers. Laundry facilities are available 24 hours a day. You can view which washers and dryers are open by checking LaundryView.



The laundry services at Leverett are provided by Mac Gray. The fastest way to have a problem addressed is to use the links below, which submit requests directly to Mac Gray. If there is a serious problem, let the building manager, Paul Hegarty, know about the problem, as he may be able to expedite its resolution. Note that leaking equipment and other issues requiring immediate attention should be immediately reported to the Harvard Control Center by calling (617) 495-5560.

Technical Problems with the Crimson Cash swipe in a laundry room can be reported to or by calling 617 495-7777 (8am-5pm M-F). For persistent problems, email the building manager.

Submit a service request

Click here to submit a service request with Mac Gray.

Use this link if a dryer or washer machine is not operating to a high standard. This could include problems such as:

  • the machine is malfunctioning or is obviously broken;
  • the cycle resets repeatedly;
  • the machine smells;
  • the machine has ripped your clothing; or
  • the machine is dirty.

If the problem does not get resolved, let the building manager know.

(Note if you have lost money, you should submit a report using the lost money link below in addition to lodging a service request.)

Lost money to a machine?

Click here to submit a lost money claim with Mac Gray.

Tips and Laundry Etiquette

The laundry machines are used my many people and so we must be aware of how our choices affect others. Here are some tips for being a good laundry citizen.

  • If you see others not following etiquette, let them know. The smooth operation of the laundry requires that everyone be on the same page. If someone is unaware of the etiquette, point them here and/or explain to them their folly.
  • Don't overstuff the machines. If the machines are too full, they won't actually clean your clothes, they'll just spread the grime around. Also, over-stuffed machines are more likely to rip your clothing.
  • Leave the washer doors slightly ajar after use. If the doors are closed, the machines cannot air out and they can begin to smell. If you leave them just slightly ajar so they don't block the path, then they can air out and the next user's clothes will smell that much better after being washed.
  • Don't wash or dry shoes. No one wants their clothes smelling like your feet.
  • What you put in, stays around, say think about a pre-rinse. If you have to wash something that's really dirty, consider giving it a rinse first in a sink.
  • Don't abandon your clothes. If you leave your clothes, you can stop other people from doing their laundry. Consider leaving your laundry basket (with your name on it) on the washer so that people can move your clothes into the basket.
  • If you move someone's clothes, be mindful. Try not to leave them in a puddle of detergent, on the ground, or somewhere dirty. If they've left their basket, use it.
  • If you spill detergent, clean it up. It happens, but don't just leave it there.