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Welcome to the LEVERETT ONLINE SHOWCASE - Leverett's online refrigerator door. This page, suggested by Josh Reyes and Adanna Scott, is a place to put papers and other works of which you are especially proud, to share them with other Leverites. To submit a work to the showcase, send it to Chief as an attachment (preferably in PDF format - Chief will attempt to convert other formats to PDF, but can't promise) and include in your message the title that you would like on the page, and, if you would like, very brief comments comments like those in the links in the examples below.

Jenny Tsai. Too Many Asians At this School: Racialized Identity Formation. Senior Thesis 2007. Submitted 5/31/07.

Naabia Ofosu-Amaah. Conservation for Sustainable Development? Ecotourism in Tanzania. Thesis presented at Leverett Thesis Fair 2007. Submitted 5/9/07.

Benjamin de Bivort. Deriving Cellular-Level Dynamics and Function from Microarray Data. I just had this paper published recently, based on work I did in a January term class at MIT in 2003. Submitted 1/9/05.

Steve Byrnes. The Hedonic Treadmill. My final paper for Science B-62, about whether or not it's possible to increase one's happiness in the long term. Submitted 11/21/05.

Howard (a.k.a. Chief) Georgi. Fun with Higgsless Theories. How I spent my summer vacation. What I like most here is the part about masses and springs. Submitted 1/8/05.

Paul Nguyen. Radiation Therapy for Primary CNS Lymphoma. Motivated by a patient I saw in clinic, this study examines the efficacy of radiation therapy for a rare type of brain tumor. Submitted 3/12/05.

Josh Reyes. Kerr Black Holes and Energy Extraction. A tutorial paper with some neat pictures. Submitted 1/8/05.

Molly Wilson. On Natural History. A short essay I had lots of fun writing for my conservation biology tutorial. Submitted 1/8/05.

Chi-Fu Jeffrey Yang. Male Body Image in Taiwan Versus the West: Yanggang Zhiqi Meets the Adonis Complex. I attached the cover page as well as the actual paper. Submitted 2/1/05.