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Welcome Back or Welcome to Leverett

We have put together a move-in guide to help you get situated this fall. Please visit to get important information regarding move-in. This guide can also be accessed from the announcements section on the Leverett home page. This information will be updated each year with new dates, so make sure to refer to it in case some things change. Any questions not answered in the guide can be found elsewhere on the Leverett Website, so make sure to make the most of the resources it has to offer!

Information regarding acceptable modes of decorating your suite and accessing the Harvard Wi-Fi can be found below.

Decorating Your Suite

Please don't use nails, tacks, picture hooks, tape, or other objects/adhesives that create holes in a surface. You can get poster gum or molding hooks and picture wire for free in the Building Manager's office. PLEASE DO NOT PAINT YOUR SUITE OR YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY HARVARD CONTRACTORS TO REPAINT YOUR ROOM AND IT IS VERY EXPENSIVE!

Getting Online

Please direct any questions about setting up or maintaining your network connection to the Computer Services Help Desk at 5-9000 or Visit FAS Computing for more information.

Plan accordingly and good luck getting back.

Paul J. Hegarty Harvard University Leverett House 28 DeWolfe Street Cambridge, MA 02138 617-495-2277 Phone 617-496-1900 Fax