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The University does not insure or purchase insurance to cover computers, phones, cameras, televisions, clothing, books or other student property against theft or damage. Be sure, therefore, that you purchase appropriate insurance coverage. Student property may be insured under a homeowners or condominium owners insurance policy. Parents should consider purchasing a policy that provides "All Risk" coverage for contents with a "Replacement Cost" valuation basis. Coverage for computers and other electronic equipment may not be provided in standard homeowners or condominium owners policies, so we encourage you to review the terms of your policies carefully with your insurance agent or broker.

Many Harvard parents purchase insurance coverage for student property through CSI Insurance Agency Inc.'s Student Personal Property Protector Plus insurance plan.

To obtain information or apply for coverage please contact: CSI Insurance Agency Inc.316 Maxwell Rd, Suite 100 Alpharetta, GA 30004 Phone: (888) 411-4911

Email: <>info@collegestudentinsurance