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[edit] Connect with tutors

Meet our eager-to-help resident and non-resident Tutors below! All tutors can give general advice (about resumes, interviews, cover letters, exploring various post-college options etc.), but you can feel free to reach out on an individual basis if you are interested in leveraging a tutor's listed industry expertise.

If you have a general question and are not sure whom you wish to talk to, feel free to email

[edit] Tutors by Specialty

Chemistry / Industry: Matt Killian

Consulting - Management Consulting / Corporate Business Development: Bernie Zipprich, Ed Kennedy, Eli Stein, Graham Wyatt, JP Chilazi, Siri Uotila, Chang Xu, Jess Tollette

Consumer Products/ Retail: Adam Ziemba, Gitika Srivastava

Education: Chang Xu

Entrepreneurship / Start-ups / Venture Capital: Carol Lin, Gitika Srivastava, Tony Pino, Vicky Guo, Chang Xu

Finance (Investment Banking, Private Equity, Investment Management, Hedge Funds): Ed Kennedy, JP Chilazi, Linda Ge, Tony Pino, Tian Feng, Vicky Guo

Grad School - MBA / HBS2+2: Carol Lin, Ed Kennedy, JP Chilazi, Siri Uotila,Tony Pino, Rachna Mathur

Grad School - Business PhD: Ting Zhang

Grad School - Medicine or Law: Check the Pre-Med and Pre-Law Committees here

Grad School - Other: Emily Harrison, Sasha Nikolaev, Siri Uotila -- larger list of people and resources here

Healthcare / Public Health: Bernie Zipprich, Carol Lin, Emily Harrison, Linda Ge, Meg McCarty

Fellowships: Judy Murciano

Journalism: Gitika Srivastava, David Allen

Marketing / Advertising: Adam Ziemba, Gitika Srivastava, Jess Tollette

Media / Entertainment/Publishing: David Allen, Emily Harrison

Non-profits / International Development: Emily Harrison

Technology / IT: Gitika Srivastava

Women in Business: Siri Uotila

[edit] Tutors by Name & Specialties

  • Adam Ziemba - consumer products/retail, marketing/advertising, working abroad
  • Carol Lin - healthcare, HBS 2+2, entrepreneurship/startup/venture capital
  • Chang Xu - education, working abroad, management consulting
  • Ed Kennedy - finance/investment banking/private equity, management consulting, consumer products/retail, careers in the Midwest, business school (including HBS 2+2)
  • Gitika Srivastava - entrepreneurship, venture capital, technology/IT, marketing/consumer goods, journalism
  • JP Chilazi - private equity, business and medicine (e.g. MD/MBA), management consulting
  • Linda Ge - finance/investment banking, healthcare
  • Matt Killian - industrials, business with a science degree, chemistry
  • Siri Uotila - healthcare/pharmaceuticals, management consulting, business school (including HBS 2+2), grad school (public policy), women in business
  • Tian Feng - finance, securities trading, government jobs
  • Tony Pino - Venture Capital (VC), banking, private equity, entrepreneurial endeavors (business building, team-formation, raising capital), finance-related resume reviews and interview prep, business school applications (including HBS 2+2)
  • Vicky Guo - VC / growth equity, start-ups, finance

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