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The following are resources available from the Office of Career Services (see the Premed and Health Careers advising page here):

Oona Ceder, Ellen Williams, and Emiko Morimoto are the friendly and approachable pre-med advisor at OCS, who can be reached at,, or Either will be happy to make personal half-hour appointments throughout the year, have walk-in hours each week, and hold interview workshops every Fall.

"Professional Connection" is a database of Harvard alumni who are interested in advising undergraduates. It can be accessed in the OCS office or via the Harvard alumni association web site

The OCS Newsletter, which comes out every week, has a good Health and Medicine section, listing information sessions and job/internship opportunities.

The OCS web site at Very useful. There is a job and internship database called "Job Trak" which you can access using your Harvard I.D. number. There are also links to good pre-med websites. The Health and Medicine Careers page, a little hard to find from the main OCS page, is located at

Binders in the OCS reading room cover a range of topics. Among others,there are specific binders on current health issues (including articles and resources on medical ethics), health-related internships and jobs, combined degree programs, post-baccalaureate pre-med programs, reports from medical school interviews, and feedback from alumni attending specific medical schools. Lee Ann will show you around. Be award that some opportunities may be found in the binders that are not listed in the "Job Trak" database, and vice versa.

MCAT registration materials and the centralized AMCAS application are available at OCS in season.