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Welcome to the premedical advising home page, where you will find a panoply of information about pursuing a medical degree.

Your Premed Tutors are Jonathan Abraham, Jonathan D'Gama, Horatio (Tio) Thomas, Victoria Martin

Please send all premed questions and inquiries to the committee members.

Leverett premed email list:


The application process for the 2018-2019 cycle has already begun. If you are planning to apply in this cycle, please email the committee members ASAP to let us know!

[edit] Premed Resources

  • Listserves
  • AMCAS: All medical applications in the US are done through the AMCAS web site. In addition to the online application itself, you will find links to application instructions, MCAT information, and a wide assortment of resources about pursuing a medical degree.
  • OCS Resources
  • Online Resources

[edit] Presentations

Fall 2017 Presentation

Fall 2016 Presentation

[edit] Leverett House Packet

[edit] Current Applicants

[edit] Mock-Interviews

Mock interviews for applicants in the 2017-2018 cycle took place in Fall 2017. Mock interviews for 2018-2019 applicants will take place at Leverett House in Fall 2018.