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Welcome to the Leverett Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment (SASH) guide.


Your SASH tutors

SASH Tutor

Unfortunately, sexual assault, rape and sexual harassment do occur at Harvard. If you have concerns about these issues, there are many people who care, and are ready to listen and to help without judging, including us. Please don't stay silent if you need support, or just someone to listen. We have no agenda, and are concerned only with your well-being (you will not, for example, be pressured to report anything that you do not feel comfortable reporting).

If you would just like to talk about an experience that is bothering you, contact us, or call OSAPR (617-495-9100) or Response (9 p.m. to 7 a.m. 617-495-9600), a helpline staffed by undergraduate women.

Leverett Student Representatives

Useful Resources at Harvard

Office of Sexual Assault Prevention and Response

Need Help? - First Response Guidelines

Helping a Friend - [1]

Alcohol and Sexual Assault

Article from the most recent Saturday Night at Harvard, "He got himself drunk. What did he think was going to happen?" - Media:He_Got_Himself_Drunk.pdf