Sophomore Advising Prompts

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2nd-Semester Sophomores: Start-of-Semester Advising Meetings

  • To explore possible summer plans, go to the Office of Career Services.
  • Don't forget about study abroad deadlines that may be coming up soon; contact OIP.
  • If you are interested in doing scientific research this summer, look into the PRISE program.
  • To explore funding options for international experience, check out this website for a comprehensive database of possible sources of funds at Harvard.

Other things to discuss at your Beginning of Term meetings:

  • What are you thinking about for the summer? Have you considered applying for any of the grants that are due in February and March or considered studying abroad over the summer? Your adviser will help you use OCS and OIP as resources.
  • Are you considering going abroad during the junior year? Have you spoken with OIP?
  • Do you feel good about your concentration plan? Are you finding good advising resources?
  • Have you thought about doing research with a faculty member at some point in your undergraduate career?
  • Is your House life experience satisfactory? Are there any positive changes your adviser can help you make?
  • Have you thought about secondary fields/language citations at all? Do you have room in your schedule?
  • Does your life feel balanced? What are things you would change from last semester?
  • Have you taken on any new extracurriculars? Positions in organizations?

2nd-Semester Sophomores: Mid-Term Advising Meetings

Before March 16, Withdrawal Deadline

Have you met with your concentration adviser yet to discuss possible paths in your field? Things to discuss in your Midterm Advising Meetings with your SA (in addition to any issues left un-discussed above):

  • Your academic progress in term
  • Are you satisfied with the concentration you have chosen?
  • How are your courses going?
  • How are your plans for the summer progressing?
  • Have you connected with the pre-professional or other advising resources in the House if appropriate?
  • How has your faculty interaction been? Have you made meaningful contacts (beyond TFs), say, if you needed a letter of recommendation? If not, what strategies might be useful for making such contacts?
  • Use the resources here when getting letters of recommendation.
  • Housing Lottery issues - How have the rooming situations worked out? What are your housing plans for next year?

2nd-Semester Sophomores: Year-End Advising Meetings

  • Overall, how was your sophomore year? What were your biggest successes and biggest challenges?
  • Are you happy with your concentration choice? Are you considering a concentration change?
  • Are you working toward a secondary field and how are you planning to meet those requirements?
  • Are you happy with your faculty interaction this year? What can you do next year to make even more connections and broaden your advising network?
  • Are you satisfied with the extra-curricular activities you are pursuing?
  • If you are planning on going abroad during the junior year, have you made sufficient contact with OIP? Have you made the necessary housing arrangements?
  • What are you thinking of doing after college? Has sophomore year given you any new ideas?
  • Have you thought about applying for any grants or fellowships next year?
  • Are you satisfied with your residential life this year? Are there any positive changes you could make to improve your experience?