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Hello everyone,

I look forward to meeting you soon. In order to make our sophomore advising meeting as productive as possible, please bring:

A list of your classes from last year.

A list of possible courses that you’re considering for the fall.

A list of concentrations that you’re considering.

A list of goals that you want to accomplish this year at Harvard (these don’t necessarily have to be academic in nature).

The meetings will all be in the Dining Hall

First Advising Meeting Sign-up Times:

Tuesday Sept. 9

6-7pm -

7-8pm - Lucy Chen

8-9pm - Allison Sikora

Thursday Sept. 11

9-10am - Linda Ge

Friday Sept. 12

9-10am -

10-11am - Anthony Dedousis

Tuesday Sept. 16

6-7pm - Sam Stein

7-8pm - Kyle Johnsen