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Hello! Please sign up for a time slot below.


This is a wiki which means that you can, once logged in, edit the page. To sign up for a time, you'll replace the text "unclaimed" with your name.

Please login (using the "Wiki Log-in" link on the left, and your Leverett username and password) and click edit next to the time slot you would like (these links appear only when you have logged in). Once you have logged in and clicked "edit", change "unclaimed" to your name, preview the change if you like, and finally save the page.

If after trying to edit the entry, you find that it just isn't working as expected, email me a.s.a.p. with your preference and I'll fill it in for you. Everything is first come, first served. If none of the times work for you, then please email me at

Spring Semester, 2013

Thursday 31 Jan, D-Hall, 9.15am

Joe Mazur

Friday 1 Feb, D-Hall, 9.00am

Kelly Flaherty

Friday 1 Feb, D-Hall, 12.30pm

Nick Fandos

Monday 4 Feb, D-Hall, 9.15am


Monday 4 Feb, D-Hall, 12.30pm


Tuesday 5 Feb, D-Hall, 9.15am

Cate Kistler

Note: I will not be signing your study card this semester. Be sure to contact your *concentration advisor* about this!