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This page is defunct. Current study break reimbursement protocols can be found here

The process for submitting receipts is as follows:

  1. Please complete this form: Non-Employee Reimbursement Form if you are not an employee of Harvard.
  2. Please note that if you are an Employee of Harvard and considered part or full time staff, when you submit your receipts, please use Concur. More information about Concur may be found here: If you are an employee and need to use Concur, please contact Amie to go over all the details so that she can approve these as a delegate.
  3. If you are a Non-Employee, not considered full or part-time staff then you fill out the “Non-Employee Reimbursement Form”. Most tutors are non-employees. Some also are employed by Harvard. Please check with Amie if you are not sure.
  4. Please include your Harvard ID, name method of payment etc. Amie will add the Web Voucher number for Non-Employee Reimbursements.
  5. In “Business purpose” you will indicate the who, what, where, when and why and the date of the event of the event. Study break reimbursements would, for example, say: “Food & Supplies, Study break, in F Hutch, for students in G0-4 entries, 3/18/14”. On line #1 would be food; line 2 for supplies. These are coded differently so you will still need to indicate food, supplies, zip car, etc. If you have lots of receipts, then fill out a line for each one on the second page under “additional expenses”.
  6. In "Summary of Expenses" indicate the actual expense and then write "See business purpose for details".
  7. Please print the Non Employee Reimbursement form you are required to use and sign it, return it with your original receipts (and copies including a copy of the completed reimbursement form) and Amie will prepare the final reimbursement form for you to sign.
  8. Please submit one form for each event or one ‘business purpose” as they say. Again, this is the same procedure you have been using - just new forms.
  9. Please note that Harvard is tax exempt. Leverett House, as part of Harvard College, follows the guideline. The Financial Office has told us that if an individual is making a purchase with his or her Harvard University procurement card (PCard), the purchase should be tax exempt. Since tutors do not have PCards, and pay out of pocket for expenses related to the tutor role, the entire amount of the purchase, including tax when tax incurred, are reimbursed to the purchaser.
  10. Print and submit the form with original receipts to in the House Office as soon as possible but no later than 60 from the date on the receipt.
  11. On the individual receipts, indicate date of study break or special event, entry involved or other location if JCR, for example, and your name.
  12. Please make a copy of the receipts and form for our financial records when you drop them off (you may want to keep a copy for you, too). There is a copy machine available in the House Office. There is also a machine in the Library available by entering a code (ask for code).
  13. E-mail as soon as you drop off forms and receipts.
  14. If Amie is not in the House Office, please leave them in an envelope with her name on them in the House Office mailbox. Amie will prepare them, e-mail you to let you know that they are back in the mailbox awaiting your signature.
  15. If Amie is in the office when you drop them off, she will process your reimbursement in five minutes.

Other reminders: Receipts/Reimbursements are delivered to the Financial Office on Thursday afternoons each week. It is best to drop them off by Wednesday if you need to leave them for Amie to prepare for your signature on the final reimbursement form by noon on Thursday.

The Financial Office has created stricter guidelines for reimbursement and all receipts must be submitted to within 60 days of the date on the receipt.